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Citroën slightly modifies its prices in France in May and becomes more aggressive

After months of successive increases in 2022, Citroën's prices seem to stabilise or even fall slightly in 2023, especially after the ë-C4, the price of which fell below €30,000, bonus deducted. For the month of May, Citroën is making very slight adjustments to its prices, mainly for the C3 Aircross and the electric versions of the C4 and C4 X.

C3 Aircross:

Citroën withdraws front parking assistance from the Shine Pack version and removes it from the options for the other versions, resulting in a slight price reduction for the C3 Aircross Shine Pack.


The arrival of the new electric motor on the electric C4 brings an increase of €1,000 to €44,600 on the Shine version, the only one available with this new engine. Note that the Shine Pack finish has been removed from the electric C4, so the top of the range is the Shine finish.


The C4 X has the same modifications as the C4 with a new 156 bhp electric motor on the Shine finish with an increase from €1,000 to €45,300, the Shine pack on electric cars is removed.

However, Citroën is adjusting its prices in L.O.A. after the appearance of an offer with 1st increased rent in April. The C3 Aircross, C5 Aircross and C5 X are now available with new prices that bring them down and make them more accessible:

  • C3 Aircross is now available from €179/month with a deposit of €3,000, i.e. a reduction of €10/month.

  • The C5 Aircross is available from €229/month with a deposit of €4,000, a reduction of €10/month. The hybrid version is available from €379/month, a significant reduction of €30/month with the same premium of €6,500.

  • The C5 X is available from €29/month with a deposit of €6,000, i.e. a reduction of €30/month. The hybrid version is available from €419/month, also a reduction of €30/month.

You can find all the prices of the different models in the "The current range" section of the website, but you can also download all the prices by clicking on the button below:

mai 2023- tarifs france
Download PDF • 1.93MB

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