Future CitroënC3 (CC21)

The fourth generation Citroën C3 will start its career in India where it will be the second car sold. Located below four meters, the future Citroën C3 will remain a compact, versatile sedan.

Based on the CMP platform, it will benefit from thermal as well as electric motorizations like the latest innovations from the PSA Group.

Also manufactured in the Porto Real factory in Brazil, the future Citroën C3 will, for Europe, always be manufactured in the Slovak factory in Trnava.

Arrival from 2021

The future C3 will be the first real Citroën novelty to be sold in India, which will be the first. The future C3 will, thereafter, and from August 2021, be assembled in Brazil and sold in Latin America. It will replace the current C3 sold there, still the second generation, which is running out of breath in the face of more recent and clearly more modern competitors.

SUV customization and style

The future Citroën C3 will capitalize on the gains of the third generation which make it successful, namely its strong personalization possibilities, but also a style borrowed from SUVs which could be amplified on this future fourth generation. Some rumors speak of a raised body height like the SUV making this C3 window a cross between sedan and SUV.

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