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Citroën relies on the new C3 to recapture the French market

The new Citroën C3 in blue

Citroën is preparing to make a strong return to the automotive market with the launch of the new C3 and its electric version ë-C3. This strategic offensive is part of a global plan to strengthen the brand's presence in France. The new C3 will soon be joined by the C3 Aircross, followed by completely revised versions of the C4 and C4X, with other new models planned for 2025. Citroën will unveil these models at the Paris Motor Show in October, marking its strong return to the international scene. Sébastien Caron, Director of Citroën France, announced that the C3 will be launched during the June open days, accompanied by numerous presentations at dealerships on 13 June. "The sales staff have just been trained and each dealership will receive several copies to ensure a wide presentation of the model," he said, emphasising the importance of this event for the brand.

An ambitious launch with clear targets

Citroën has already received almost 12,000 orders for the new C3, more than half of which are for electric leasing. This demand demonstrates the growing interest in electric vehicles, but Citroën has not yet commented on the exact breakdown of sales between electric and thermal versions. Sébastien Caron pointed out that PureTech and hybrid engines are good alternatives for customers. "We want to offer electric mobility to as many people as possible at an affordable price, but also with safety and equipment," he said, underlining the brand's commitment to offering accessible and well-equipped vehicles. .

Citroën aims to become the leader in the B-segment thanks to a diversified and competitive offer. "The best year for the new C3 will be the second or third. The 200 km version will be available and, thanks to the entire range, we will be able to become the leader in the B segment," explains Sébastien Caron. At the same time, the current C3 model continues to sell well and Citroën plans to maintain production until all demand is met, ensuring a smooth transition to the new generation.

The new C3 and its electric version ë-C3, produced at the Trnava plant, introduce the new SmartCar platform from Stellantis and a new design for Citroën. Offered with electric, petrol and micro-hybrid engines, the new C3 is a strategic model for the brand. With a starting price of 19,300 euros bonus deducted for the electric version and a 200 km version coming in 2025 from 15,990 euros bonus deducted, Citroën wants to make a big impact on the market. This aggressive pricing strategy aims to make electric vehicles more accessible and thus meet growing consumer demand.

In conclusion, Citroën's global offensive, combining technological innovation, competitive pricing strategies and a stronger presence on the French market, could be the catalyst needed to revitalise the brand and attract a new generation of customers. By responding to the expectations of today's consumers and offering vehicles that are both affordable and well-equipped, Citroën seems ready to meet the challenges ahead and recapture the B-segment. The date has been set for the open days in June, where the public will be able to discover this promising new C3 and appreciate the brand's efforts to remain at the forefront of the automotive industry.

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