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Citroën Berlingo 2018


Part One: The Presentation

It is with a little a priori that I went to the tests of the new Citroën Berlingo saying to myself that it was only a ludospace, that it was not the most exciting model of the range and that 'miracles were not to be expected. What a mistake !!! Because miracles are to be expected, and this new Berlingo is the perfect demonstration.

The exterior:

The first visual impression is already that it is almost no longer derived from utility. Admittedly, it remains cubic but it is to favor a unique habitability on this level of dimension. The higher and shorter hood gives it a van look far from unpleasant. This gives it new proportions which allow the Citroën Berlingo to emit significantly more cachet and flavor than previous generations.

Even if the Citroën Berlingo is part of a program shared with Peugeot and Opel, the Berlingo fits perfectly into the Citroën range thanks to the front panel which takes up the themes so characteristic of the latest Citroën. The double-stage headlights and the large grille clearly emphasize the width of the vehicle to visually stretch it and make it appear wider. If the design gimmicks of the last front sides from Citroën are used (wanted to ensure consistency to the range), the elements are here used to break the height of the vehicle and widen it visually.

On the profile, we find the typical glazing of the previous Berlingo to give consistency across all generations and register this Berlingo in a saga dear to Citroën. The profile is also marked by the presence of the famous Airbumps on which the colored punctuals, as well as on the fog lights, make it possible to revitalize the style and the personality of this new Berlingo.

The rear part is ultimately that which is closest to the previous generation and, for good reason, since this part of the platform is taken as is from the previous Berlingo. This made it possible to save money and put the money where it was most useful and to keep the largest width at the rear wheel arches. This assumed similarity contributes to parentage with the previous Berlingos and is not in the least shocking.

The interior:

Inside, it's a revolution. The derivative of utility disappears to find a sedan spirit. We find on the air dashboard elements already known as the instrumentation of the C3 and C3 Aircross, the touch pad comes from the Peugeot 3008 and the air conditioning controls are taken from the Citroën Spacetourer. But these different elements fit perfectly into the design. The dashboard has a real personality and contributes to the pleasure we have in being in this new Citroën Berlingo. On the passenger side, there are 2 glove boxes, one in the classic position and the other in the high position. This was made possible by the integration of the passenger airbag in the roof. On this glove box, a luggage type strap is installed which installs the Berlingo in the Citroën range. The obligatory point on plastics to realize that they are all hard but their assembly is excellent, they are qualitative if not foamed and no noise of furniture was heard.

The interior is gigantic, the habitability is at the best level and the storage spaces are absolutely everywhere. At the rear, there are 3 individual seats of the same width which fold down to offer up to 2.70m of loading length with the front passenger seat folded down. The trunk offers a gigantic volume of more than 750 liters which allows to store almost everything. The classic practical aspects of the Berlingos are perpetuated in this new generation through in particular 2 elements which particularly marked me:

  • the Modutop which offers an arch over the entire length. Associated with the glass roof, it has a translucent side to let the light through and better find the objects put inside. This arch finds its source in the nasturtium above the front seats (standard on all Berlingos) and stops at the rear at a 20-liter storage space accepting to support 12 kilos and accessible, both by rear passengers and only from the outside with the trunk open (or rear window open)

  • The luggage cover shelf supports up to 10 kilos which makes it ideal for changing a baby on a motorway service area, by opening the seat or the tailgate to protect themselves from possible rain.

These two elements among many others contribute to making this Berlingo practical, useful beyond being hyper habitable and hypert modular.

Part Two: The Road Test

After a first article on the discovery of the car and my feelings about this new generation of Berlingo, here is the time of the test carried out in the Paris region on a journey of about 150 kilometers aboard the Citroën Berlingo equipped with the 1,2 engine Pure Tech 110 in FEEL finish.

Traveled on departmental roads mainly with a little city, the test of this Citroën Berlingo highlights its main quality: Comfort. From the first hundreds of meters, yet carried out on a ground full of stones and not perfectly flat, the Berlingo amazes from the start. Its comfort is absolutely incredible. And this for many reasons :

  • The filtration of the suspensions is royal while it does not have the progressive hydraulic stops. The road shakes are still felt but so well filtered that they are far from unbearable.

  • The soundproofing is at the best level. No noise disturbs the passenger compartment, the air noises are perfectly controlled. Road noise is also forgotten, whatever the road profile. The vibrations of the 1.2 Puretech have almost disappeared whereas, traditionally, the three cylinders vibrate more. Here in this Berlingo, the engine is forgotten and extremely discreet.

  • Citroën masters the design of the seats and this Berlingo is no exception to the rule. Certainly, they are harder than those of the Cactus or the C5 Aircross since they do not have this specific upper foam but these seats are very comfortable. It feels good right away by being well wedged, the driving position can be adjusted to the millimeter with all possible adjustments of the seat as the direction.

1. In town:

By taking routes that are at least narrow, this Berlingo surprises in more ways than one. First of all, despite its generous dimensions (4.40m in length, 1.84m in width and 1.84m in height), the Berlingo poses no problem for getting around town and literally goes everywhere. The steering knows how to be gentle and allows you to steer the Berlingo easily and simply without having to suffer from too heavy steering.

Its handling is excellent, the Berlingo steers short and knows how to squeeze through the smallest alleys without causing problems. It must be said that with the multitide of aids of all kinds, the Berlingo folds in four to make life easier for its driver. The rear view camera with 360 vision is very useful even if the quality of the camera is not at the top level. The front and rear speed cameras, coupled with those on the side, do their job well and signal any danger on the central screen.

All this is done in first-rate comfort. I used to say of the latest Citroëns that they are a bubble, a cocoon protected from the outside and this Berlingo is no exception to the rule.

2.On country roads:

    Tested on a long stretch of departmental roads, the new Berlingo displays its talents with comfort above all else, soundproofing that is always efficient and cutting-edge technological content.

    Only the 1.2 Puretech 110 horsepower engine can be a bit weak. Not that it is not efficient but it is not demonstrative, it seems as if it was stifled. You have to climb the towers for power to come in, and then the performance is largely satisfactory. That said, in the context of daily and family use, the 1.2 puretch engine is completely satisfactory, it will not be necessary to have a sporty driving which is, in any case, not the primary utility of this Berlingo. However, in dynamic driving and on corners sometimes taken during short braking, the road tenure is unperturbed and the Berlingo does not flinch or manhandle its occupants even though its higher center of gravity could force it to do so. . Proof, if necessary, of the excellent predispositions of this new Berlingo.

    3. Conclusion:

    I waited a few days to write this story essay that it is not the passion or the exclusivity of the moment that guides my words but it is clear that I was absolutely amazed by this Berlingo. As I said in Part 1, I didn't expect much with the Berlingo and I am totally convinced.

    In conclusion, the Berlingo is a hyper vehicle. It is super comfortable, hyper livable, hyper modular, hyper technological, hyper modern. It is a versatile vehicle capable of taking you on vacation with your family as well as capable of taking you for a bike ride. It is able to take everything you want and more as well as able to make excursions outside of bitumen. Basically, it has everything for it this Berlingo and could meet the needs of many families with benefits at the best levels by being cheaper than the SUV or MPV equivalent. The only effort that must be made and to remove an utility base which, even though hidden by much more attractive attire than before, remains present. But this effort, quite light it must be said, is worth it and is nothing compared to the incredible efforts that Citroën has made to make this new Berlingo, a hyper vehicle.

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