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Citroën C3 Graphic puretech 82ch

Outside :

No need to present the Citroën C3 in detail, it is now well established in the automotive landscape. And even if we come across it now every day, being next to it allows you to appreciate even more its lively, cheerful side. Its curves are mastered, it is not soft and it is proud with its short and almost horizontal hood. Its plastics which encircle the body gives it an adventurous air which contributes to give it a proud, self-confident, calm character.

Inside :

The C3 amazed me with its roominess. At the front, you don't find yourself cramped. There are enough places to be completely comfortable. The ergonomics are generally good with two small regrets concerning the adjustment of the mirrors and the regulator / limiter switch hidden by the steering wheel. Steering wheel mounted controls would have been more practical. Adjusted for me (not too big, not too small), the front seats leave a nice roominess in the rear seats which make the C3 the ideal companion for a small family The trunk volume of 300 liters allows to easily embark the races of during the week, the loading threshold does not seem too high, only the lower floor can disturb.

There has been much criticism that the C3 had hard plastics in its interior. Admittedly, this is true, but it must also be stressed that the assembly does not suffer criticism and that, even if they are hard, the plastics are of excellent quality, the assembly is built with seriousness and during my test, despite the bumps, holes and grooves, there was no noise from the furniture.

On the road :

From the first hundred meters, I was amazed by the suspension comfort of this C3. It perfectly absorbs irregularities in the road, holes or grooves do not strike in the seats. Combined with interior design and seating comfort, driving the Citroën C3 is a real treat and you are quickly immersed in a kind of cocoon where you feel good, where life is good.

In the city, its compactness works wonders. The light steering and imperturbable handling make the C3 very pleasant in the city. The 82hp engine has no problem to restart the car, the clutch is soft and progressive, the city is the playing field of this C3. I particularly liked the light steering during the maneuvers, it's really very pleasant. The whole contributes to comfort and well-being in this C3. Only the typical 3-cylinder petrol vibrations are disruptive to traffic lights.

On the roads, the C3 still highlights its comfort but also shows other qualities. The roll is mastered, the handling is impeccable, the small country turns are easily negotiated and we take a lot of driving pleasure. Admittedly, it is not the most dynamic and at high speed, the roll is present but this does not alter the handling, the wheels are as anchored on the ground and the car is imperturbable.

Clearly, in town, the C3 shows its qualities as an ideal city car (compactness, flexible and pleasant controls, ride comfort) and on secondary roads, it shows other qualities such as its handling, precise steering while continuing to distribute high-flying comfort.

Only the highway seemed to me not to be its playground. Not that the engine does not allow it to be inserted but we feel that at 115-120 km / h, we are not far from its limits and, with a few people on board and luggage, this would clearly be a difficulty. Better to prefer in the context of regular highway use, a more powerful engine.


I was simply blown away by this Citroën C3. I had a real crush on her. Amazed by its comfort which is clearly of a higher category (in certain aspects, more comfortable than my C4), I was conquered by its habitability, the well-being it does in the interior. It does not suffer from extraneous noise, the air noises are well contained.

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