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Citroën: March Open Days are a big hit in France

The brand's new logo on the Citroën C3

On 16 and 17 March, Citroën held its second Open Days of the year, pulling out all the stops to offer exceptional deals and attract large numbers of consumers to its dealerships. The results of these open days were very good for the brand, which performed significantly better this year than in 2023.

For just over a year now, the new management team at Citroën France has been changing the situation with more commercial resources and well-targeted offers that attract customers. During the open days held in recent months, the brand has recorded very good order levels, as I have been able to tell you on each occasion. These good order levels have been reflected in registrations, with the brand performing very well in France since the beginning of the year, allowing it to regain third place in terms of sales, which it had not done for several months.

Thanks to these exceptional offers, starting with the C3 from 89 €/month or the electric C4 from 199 €/month, Citroën was able to attract the public to its dealerships during the open days in March, resulting in a very good development of orders. Nearly 4,000 orders were taken by the brand in France over the weekend, an increase of 30% compared to March 2023. This progress is also reflected in the commercial offers made to customers, which increased by 41%, a sign that the offers made by the brand in France are attracting customers and allowing dealers to experience a high level of traffic. In fact, the C3 remains the brand's best-selling car and this is demonstrated during these open days as it represents almost 40% of the brand's orders with almost 1,500 units.

In conclusion, Citroën has once again enjoyed great success during this March Open Days weekend, which has enabled it to record a maximum number of orders, a significant increase compared to March 20-23, which should be reflected in sales over the coming months and continue the good trend the brand has been experiencing in France since the beginning of the year. The exceptional offers that the brand is making in France will continue beyond this Open House weekend and should therefore continue to generate strong traffic on the network, resulting in a good number of additional orders.

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