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Citroën Berlingo: diesel back on sale in France!

The Citroën Berlingo 2024 seen from three quarter front

In January 2022, Citroën abruptly stopped orders for thermal Berlingos in order to offer only 100% electric versions, due to anti-pollution standards and quotas imposed by the European Union. When the Berlingo was redesigned, everyone thought that the thermal versions would return, but this has not been the case until today, when the diesel engine was reintroduced.

From today, the Berlingo 2024 returns to the Citroën range in France with diesel engines, in addition to the electric versions already on the market. The 1.5 HDi engine is available in two power ratings depending on the version chosen: 100 bhp for the Plus version with 6-speed manual gearbox and 130 bhp for the Max version with EAT8 automatic gearbox. As with the C3, Citroën has chosen to reduce the range of trim levels to just two, sacrificing the entry-level You version to start with only the Plus trim level, which is at the heart of the range.

Here are the prices for the diesel versions sold:

  • 100 HDi BVM 6 Plus: €26,550

  • 130 HDi EAT8 Max: €31,400

  • 130 HDi EAT8 Max XL: €32,400

In terms of equipment, the Berlingo is quite comprehensive from the Plus trim level, with rear parking assistance, electric handbrake, safety pack and 10-inch touchscreen. The Max trim level adds three individual rear seats, the reversing camera with Top Rear Vision, dual-zone climate control, the 10-inch digital instrument cluster, alloy wheels and even the leather multifunction steering wheel.

Finally, after its return to Spain, the Citroën Berlingo diesel is making its debut in France and will soon do the same in Belgium, showing a certain turnaround for the brand. This return of the thermal versions also allows the Berlingo to regain a versatility better suited to its standard and, as a bonus, a price significantly lower than the electric versions at around €9,500. Contrary to what I thought, the Berlingo will not be offered with a Puretech hybrid engine of 100 or 136 hp, but will continue to use diesel engines that suit it perfectly. This return should be the greatest good for the Berlingo, which in 2023 will have become the third market in its segment in Europe with more than 15,000 units sold, further proof of the success of this model and this generation, as it was only offered in electric form, unlike the two rivals that preceded it.

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