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Take advantage: Electric leasing at Citroën continues in March

The Citroën ë-C3 in a red tint

At the beginning of the year, the French government launched the electric social leasing scheme, which allows households earning less than €15,400 per tax share to benefit from very affordable rents for the purchase of a new car. This system allowed Citroën to offer its new ë-C3 from €54 per month or the ë-C4 at €129 per month, both of which were very successful. Now that the government scheme has come to an end, Citroën, with its promise to make electric cars accessible to all, is committed to continuing the electric leasing scheme for the month of March.

When it was launched at the beginning of the year, the French government estimated that social electric leasing could involve up to 25,000 files, a figure that was reached in less than a week. It is therefore a resounding success that this system has reached 60,000 files, leading the government to put an end to social leasing, well above expectations. Stellantis is the big winner of the operation, as the group has collected almost 75% of the orders generated by this aid system, and Citroën has not been left out with a large number of orders thanks to the very well placed prices of the C3 and C4.

This is why Citroën is committed and has decided to continue the electric leasing scheme in March with offers studied to offer the C3 and C4 at reasonable prices that make them as accessible as possible to the majority of the population, in line with the brand's new mantra. Citroën also offers the following solutions, valid until the end of March:

  • New ë-C3: Available from €99/month after an initial rent of €9,500, reduced to €1,000 after bonuses and super bonuses reserved for low-income households and the conversion bonus. This first deposit, which is deducted from the government subsidy, is a classic in the car industry, and manufacturers are using this argument en masse, which allows them to show a lower rent.

  • C4: The brand's compact electric sedan will be sold in France during the month of March from €139/month after an initial rental of €9,500, reduced to €1,000 under the same conditions as the ë-C3. This makes the C4 one of the most affordable electric compact sedans on the market.

In line with its positioning, Citroën is committed to making electric cars accessible and is demonstrating this by making the C3 and C4 available at very attractive prices throughout the month of March, thus extending electric leasing, which has been a real success in recent years. With these exceptional offers, Citroën hopes to build on the success of its social leasing scheme and continue to receive many orders, especially during the next open days on 16 and 17 March, when the brand hopes to make a big impact.

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