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New Citroën C3 Aircross: automatic gearbox launched in India

The new Citroën C3 Aircross front in white color

I announced it a few days ago, but now it's official: the new Citroën C3 Aircross will be available in India with an automatic gearbox, a first for the brand in a market that is very fond of this type of gearbox. . Hardly presented, the new C3 Aircross is already available to order, which should have a clear effect on sales, especially as it has a massive weapon.

As expected, the appearance of an automatic transmission on the C3 Aircross is not visible and there are no details to show it, the brand's new compact XUV is still too young to make even minor changes. The style of the C3 Aircross has always been well received by critics and consumers alike, and its comfort and modularity make it one of the best SUVs in its segment.

However, the lack of equipment has been the main source of criticism, especially the lack of an automatic gearbox in a market that is very much focused on this type of transmission. Citroën, of course, heard the criticism and quickly remedied the situation by presenting the C3 Aircross with an EAT6 automatic transmission, which it put on sale immediately.

As expected, the automatic version is only available in the Plus and Max trim levels and remains paired with the 110 bhp Puretech engine, the only one available in India, but offers a little more torque with an increase of 15 Nm to 205 Nm.

Finally, Citroën has added a number of new features to the C3 Aircross, such as the ability to remotely start and stop the car and even remotely pre-condition the air conditioning via the MyCitroën application. In terms of pricing, the new C3 Aircross automatic will be available from 1,284,000 rupees (€14,250) for the You version and 1,385,000 rupees (€15,400) for the Max version, making it the most affordable automatic compact SUV on the Indian market today.

In conclusion, Citroën has reacted quickly and now offers an automatic gearbox that meets the needs of Indian consumers, who prefer this type of transmission to manual gearboxes. The brand has the good sense to offer it at an affordable price, which also allows it to compensate for the few remaining weaknesses of the C3 Aircross in terms of equipment. The brand's limited network in India, which does not yet allow it to cover the entire territory and which logically limits sales, should therefore allow it to see its sales progress. In the coming months, it will be interesting to see how sales of the C3 Aircross develop with the arrival of the automatic transmission, bearing in mind that the brand's new SUV is not the end of the range's development, as a 100% electric version should also see the light of day this year.

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