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New Citroën C3: a roadshow to discover it in Belgium

The new electric Citroën C3 in black with white roof

While orders have been taken in France for a week now, the new Citroën C3 is not yet visible on the French network, it will arrive in the coming weeks. However, people living near Belgium will be able to discover the new C3 for the first time as Citroën is organising a roadshow there until 3 February.

This is a first for the new Citroën C3, which will meet the public for the first time during a major tour of Belgium that began on 11 January and will continue through Belgian dealerships until the beginning of February. February.

These first encounters with the public will allow consumers and people who have pre-ordered the fourth generation C3 to see it for the first time and to confirm their choice before orders are opened, which will take place during the month of February.

Here are the dates and dealerships where the new C3 will be visible in Belgium:

At the same time as this roadshow, Citroën is once again setting out to conquer the Belgian market with exceptional offers during the month of January, traditionally the busiest month for orders due to the absence of the Brussels Motor Show. However, Citroën is offering exceptional showroom conditions, particularly on electric vehicles, with an exceptional discount of 5,000 € on the entire VP range (C4, C4 has up to 10,000th discount depending on conditions).

Citroën is also highlighting the current generation C3 in an Origins version, the entry-level version in Belgium, with a starting price set at €10,990, subject to the trade-in premium for a vehicle to be recycled of €2,500. The brand is also organising three open Sundays, on 14, 21 and 28 January 2024, which will be an opportunity to discover attractive offers across the entire range.

Attractive offers, open doors and a C3 starting at under €11,000, Citroën is giving itself the means to recover on the Belgian market and is offering the new C3 its first tour to meet consumers, thus bringing it closer to them this year. which should generate traffic in the brand's dealerships and generate orders, that's all we want for our beloved brand.

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