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New Citroën C3 electric: simplified online ordering

The new electric Citroën C3 seen from the front in a white color

Three weeks after the opening of orders in France, the big day has arrived for the new Citroën C3 as orders are now possible in the majority of European markets, I will come back to this in a few days. For this occasion, Citroën is simplifying the purchase experience by completely overhauling its online site, which promises to save time and improve the experience of ordering the new C3.

Since September, Citroën has embarked on a simplification exercise that began with new trim names and a range limited to 3 levels, with option packs limited to 5 per level, excluding personalisation. With the new C3, the brand has gone even further by offering two levels of finishes only on the electric versions, without the possibility of options.

Citroën has also introduced a net price policy, which allows customers to be sure that the price quoted is the price they will pay, putting an end to bargaining.

With this desire for simplification, Citroën facilitates the act of purchasing by improving the customer experience and allowing better coordination between the Internet and the brand's network. With this aim in mind, Citroën is today presenting a significantly modernised and, above all, simplified version of its website, as the brand promises to completely reinvent the customer experience on its website by bringing together all the elements relating to the new Citroën ë-C3 on a single synthetic, graphic and ergonomic page. These improvements will apply to all media (computers, smartphones and tablets) and will be implemented first for the ë-C3 and then progressively for the brand's other models. Designed to be easier and more user-friendly, this new portal offers an intuitive platform that allows users to discover and purchase their Citroën car more easily and efficiently in just 3 clicks.

On the same page

The user can now find everything they need on a single page. The photo gallery to discover the car, information on the step up and the different equipment options, and the definition of the vehicle that best meets their needs, with the associated price and the current offers. By making all information easily accessible and clear, this new architecture strengthens transparency and trust between the brand and the customer.

To further simplify matters, the traditional and boring configurator has been removed. Today, the customer chooses what he wants and what he doesn't want at the same time, simply by ticking or not ticking boxes on a single page, without having to open a specific tab. He has direct access to all the equipment and features. They can build the model in their own image and immediately see the impact on their budget, as well as the associated promotional offers. Where it used to take at least 5 clicks to select a car, it now takes only 3. For the panel of people who tested the site, the time taken to select their car was reduced by almost 50%. The abandonment rate during configuration dropped from 45% to 31%.

This simple and refined version of the Citroën site highlights the visuals of the products as well as the different choices available for more clarity, more transparency, more simplicity while avoiding mental overload, an element found on board the brand's latest models, a perfect consistency for Citroën between the cars and the buying experience.

The simplicity of the site also saves users a lot of time, as they can easily discover the model, its features and available options, thus facilitating their decision-making process. Everything is designed to avoid searching for action buttons and scrolling through endless menus/pages. For example, when choosing a vehicle, the differences between the versions are clearly explained and it is easy to compare them by scrolling horizontally. It's also very easy to select the version, engine and colour you want, then go to the summary page before making the purchase.

Thanks to this simplicity, the users who were able to test the new site reduced the time spent choosing a car by 50%, with a 31% abandonment rate during configuration, compared to 45% previously. Similarly, 80% appreciate the "ease of use" of the new site, compared to 30% previously.

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