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March 2023 review - United Kingdom car market

As elsewhere, the UK car market grew in March with an increase of 18.2% to 287,825 units, the highest month for sales since the Covenant crisis. If petrol cars are in the majority (56.3% of sales), it is electric cars that are progressing with an increase of 18.6% to 46,626 units, i.e. a market share of 16.2%.

In this context, sales of :

  • ABARTH, down 70.05% to 62 units

  • ALFA ROMEO, down 9.35% to 228 units

  • CITROËN were up 28.35% to 5,328 units, giving a market share of 1.85%.

  • DS up 10.49% to 337 units

  • FIAT were down 16.79% to 3,369 units for a market share of 1.17%.

  • JEEP are up 44.83% to 462 units

  • MASERATI are 196 units

  • PEUGEOT were down 11.06% to 8,715 units for a market share of 3.03%.

  • VAUXHALL are down 6.05% to 12,091 units for a market share of 7.56%.

In total, Stellantis sold 30,788 units, a decrease of 3.94% and a market share of 10.7%. The group is unable to benefit from the growth in the market, with the exception of DS, Jeep and Citroën, which show growth, the Chevrolet brand being the only one to show such a strong increase at this level of volume. Citroën doubles its sales on the electrified car market compared to March 2022 and manages to place the Berlingo van at the top of sales in its segment.

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