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Launch of the Citroën 2CV Playmobil on the brand's stand at Rétromobile

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Announced on the website on 21 September, the Citroën 2Cv fits perfectly into the catalogue of the famous toy brand and is the result of a partnership between Citroën and Playmobil. This Citroën 2Cv Playmobil will be on display at the brand's stand at the Rétromobile fair, which opens this Wednesday, 1 February.

Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, it is now available in a version for children, who will enjoy its unique and recognisable silhouette. The mythical 2CV is now available from Playmobil in a generous 28.4 cm version, with plenty of detail on the bodywork that will undoubtedly delight the little Playmobil characters and capture the imagination of young children, but also older children who will be able to rediscover the 2CV, which will transport children and adults from 5 to 99 years old into the wonderful world of Playmobil.

Designed to be accessible, robust, designed for the countryside but just as comfortable in the city, the 2CV symbolised a vibrant and colourful era, even an art of living, sometimes even a film star. This cheerful spirit is reflected in the sky blue colour of the Playmobil 2 CV and in the accessories that go with it: a farmer with his geese, his pig and his milk jugs to evoke the countryside, a driver in a sailor's striped dress with a cool Baba look and, finally, a gendarme, a reference to a famous sergeant in a popular French film. In addition, a sheet of repositionable stickers allows everyone to personalise their Playmobil 2 CV.

Produced in more than 5 million units, the 2CV has entered people's lives, where everyone has a story with the mythical Citroën. A new partnership of this kind will allow young people to discover a car that revolutionised the automobile and older people to rediscover the 2CV and create shared memories between generations. This is an intelligent and pragmatic way of bringing the Citroën brand's heritage to life across the generations and building the loyalty of future customers.

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