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Citroën takes electrification a step further

The Citroën C5 aircross hybrid 136 is one of the many electric novelties from Citroën in 2023.

Like all its competitors, Citroën is faced with European legislation requiring a total switch to electric vehicles by 2035, as well as an increasing share of electrified vehicles in sales. The brand has reacted quickly, making numerous announcements during the first half of the year to offer a range that is becoming more electrified by the month.

It was first the Citroën C5 X and C5 Aircross that saw the addition of 180 hp versions of plug-in hybrids to their ranges, still composed of a 1.6 150 hp engine to which is added an electric motor for a cumulative power. of 180 hp.

With the end of the commercialisation of the 180 hp internal combustion engines, there was a large gap in the C5 Aircross and C5 X range between the 130 hp internal combustion versions and the 225 hp rechargeable hybrid engines, which have become increasingly expensive due to the increase in raw materials.

These 180 bhp plug-in hybrid versions have lowered the entry price for the electrified versions of these models and allowed the brand to double its range, particularly on the C5 Aircross, which is the leader in plug-in hybrid sales. . On the C5 X, the 180 hp hybrid version has the controlled suspension of its big sister 225 hp, giving customers access to it when it was not available with the 180 hp internal combustion engine.

The brand continued its efforts by introducing the new 156 bhp Stellantis electric motor on the C4, coupled to a battery with revised chemistry, which now has a capacity of 54 kWh, giving the electric C4 a range of 420 km. The C4 Xpedition takes advantage of its excellent aerodynamics to become the most efficient electric car in the Stellantis range. A performance also achieved by the C4 X, despite an increase in length of 24 cm compared to the C4 5-door, with an electric motor whose average consumption drops to 12 kWh/100, which is remarkably efficient. The arrival of this new electric motor is not to the detriment of the old one, which will initially remain available on the entry-level versions before all the models switch to this new engine.

Finally, Citroën has introduced a new 136 bhp Puretech petrol engine in the C5 Aircross, which has the peculiarity of being a non-rechargeable hybrid. Its small 48V 432 Mwh battery allows it to run in 100% electric mode for about 50% of the time in town, resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption, which drops by 15% on average, or 1 litre less, but drops even more in the city, to 2.5 litres less. Combined with a new ë-DCS6 automatic gearbox, the Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid makes the transition between the electric motor and the internal combustion engine completely transparent to the driver, who can stay informed thanks to the information distributed on the instrument panel, which has been slightly modified to display this information for this new engine.

With the new electric motor, the doubling of the range of rechargeable hybrids and the launch of a hybrid engine, Citroën has pulled out all the stops in the first half of the year to further electrify its range and gain market share in a segment that is growing by the month. is becoming increasingly important. The next few months should see the range become even more electrified with the introduction of the 136 hybrid engine to the range, in addition to the Puretech 1.2 100 hp engine which should make its appearance on the C4 before being offered on the next C3 and C3 Aircross, which will also benefit from their passage on the CMP platform to finally offer a 100% electric version that Citroën announces as unique on the market.

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