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June 2023 Report [Analysis] - Key Markets EUROPE

Sales figures for the main European countries have all been published, making it possible to learn more about the European car market, as the seven countries examined here represent around 80% of the market.

The recovery of the automobile market continued in June, as the latter is the tenth consecutive month of increase, reaching 962,065 units sold, an increase of 19.74% compared to the same period last year, although the basis of comparison is clearly favourable this year, as the shortage of components is now over, whereas it was at its highest in the first half of 2022.

The month of June highlights the fact that the Stellantis brands are behaving in the opposite way to the market, since, with the exception of DS and, to a lesser extent, Opel, the major brands are seeing their sales fall while the market is growing. For once, Citroën recorded a smaller fall than Peugeot or Fiat, which suffered from its very poor performance in Italy, where its market share was the lowest.

Citroën's sales in France represent 42.32% of the brand's total sales in the 7 countries studied, the lowest value of the French brands in Stellantis, since Peugeot is at 46.58% and DS at 55.22, which means that more than every second DS sale is made in France, while the latter represents only 19.84% of the market. Fiat, due to its decline on the Italian market, manages to reduce the weight of Italy on its sales to 41.49%, which is less than France for Citroën.

In conclusion, the European car market is moving towards a new upturn for the month of June, while the Stellantis brands, including Citroën, are in decline. Citroën is therefore likely to sell around 35,000 units over the month, less than Opel or Fiat, and end the first half of the year in the red. However, there is reason to hope for a much more positive second half of the year, given the orders received, particularly in France, the expected improvement in deliveries from Spain, where 60% of the brand's production is made, and Citroën's renewed aggressiveness on its main markets.

For your information, here are the sales figures for the seven countries in question, taken from the official press releases:

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