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January 2023 - Analysis of Citroën sales in Europe

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With an increase of 10.7% in January 2023, the European car market is seeing a little light on the horizon, with a shortage of components whose effects are being mitigated, although the situation is far from being back to normal. As far as Citroën is concerned, in a specific context, the brand managed to increase its sales by 1.8%, giving it a market share of 3%, but the analysis of the sales of the various models gives interesting results and shows that the problem comes from France.

In 2022, the Citroën C1 and C4 Spacetourer disappeared from the catalogue, resulting in a loss of almost 3,000 units in January 2023, a level that these models had reached in Europe in January 2022. These 3,000 units thus represent more than 11% of the volumes recorded in January 2023, which shows the importance of these models for the brand.


With 9,797 units sold*, the C3 has a similar score to January 2022, a sign that it has managed to retain its loyal following even after six years. It ranks 19th in Europe in terms of sales, but is better than the VW Polo, Skoda Fabia or Ford Fiesta. It is therefore a good performance for the C3, even though its sales in France have fallen by 29.42%, which means that France accounts for 31.56% of C3 sales against 35.14% for the Renault Clio and 44.69% for the 208.

C3 Aircross:

With 5,254 units sold in January 2023, the C3 Aircross saw its sales increase by 17%, but it is much lower than the average since its launch (7,226 units). The C3 Aircross is also far behind the Peugeot 2008 (11,720 units) and the Renault Captur (10,316 units). France represents 26.13% of sales of the C3 Aircross against 33.59% for the Peugeot 2008 and 32.19% for the Renault Captur.


With 3,636 units sold in January 2023, sales of the C4 are down 25% compared to January 2022, making it the model that has suffered the most in the Citroën range. This can be explained by the logistical problems affecting the Stellantis plants in Spain. With a single 5-door body, the C4 is penalised compared to models that have a station wagon and in this, in terms of sales of 5-door saloons alone, these results are honourable in a segment that has fallen sharply in recent years. The C4 performs better than the Opel Astra (2,522 units) and better than the thermal Mégane (3,053 units) as well as the electric Mégane (2,720 units). Here too, the weight of sales made in France is interesting since the C4 realises, in its country of origin, only 26.43% of its sales against 55.37% for the Mégane E-Tech and 45.72% for the Peugeot 308, which is very far from its usual scores recorded in Europe for the month of January, closer to 10,500 units per month, while the C4 is doing better than its average for the last seven years.

C5 Aircross:

With 4,659 units sold, the C5 Aircross saw its sales increase by 82% in January 2023 and performed better than its average since launch (4,270 units). It is still well ahead of the Peugeot 3008 (7,636 units), but the latter saw its sales fall by 24% and, above all, is far from its European average for the same period (13,444 units). It should be noted that France accounts for 42.39% of C5 Aircross sales in Europe, compared to 35.37% for the Peugeot 3008.v


With 1,181 units sold in January 2023, the Citroën C5 X performs better than the Peugeot 508 (856 units) and is right on target, with monthly sales in Europe expected to be between 1,000 and 1,500 units. The C5 X therefore scores well in a segment that is completely overcrowded and padlocked by premium brands.

In conclusion, Citroën managed to perform better in January 2023 than in January 2022, despite the loss of the C1 and C4 Spacetourer, which reduced sales by 11%. Overall, this sales analysis confirms that Citroën's problem lies in France, where its models, with the exception of the C5 Aircross, have a lower share of sales than its French competitors. France accounts for 30.22% of Citroën's European sales, compared with 37.79% for Peugeot and 36.60% for Renault. Citroën also suffers from the weakness of the C3 Aircross which, despite being the brand's second bestseller, is still far from the levels achieved by its competitors.

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