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Is the Citroën C3 Aircross still worth buying?

Le Citroën C3 Aircross restylé adopte une face avant plus affirmée

The Citroën C3 Aircross is entering the final stage of its career before a renewal that could take place as early as 2024. After a career that has seen almost 500,000 units on Europe's roads, is Citroën's small SUV still worth looking at? or buying?

Launched in November 2017, the C3 Aircross urban SUV has had to wait almost 4 years to undergo the restyling box that has radically transformed it, right down to the front end, which on this occasion has become much more assertive, erasing the toy aspect of the first version. This restyling has enhanced the qualities of the C3 Aircross, in particular its comfort thanks to the Advanced Comfort seats, while still maintaining a livability and modularity at the top of its segment. Available with petrol and diesel engines, the C3 Aircross does not even offer partially electrified or 100% electric versions, they will arrive with the new generation.

A l'intérieur, le Citroën C3 aircross propose un écran de 9 pouces depuis le restylage

The front of the C3 Aircross, which has undergone radical changes since the restyling, now has a more assertive personality, leaving behind the soft and playful side. This new front end is the strong point of the restyling, even if Citroën has added some new features here and there, such as the seats, but also the multimedia system screen, which has been increased to 9 inches diagonally, which is still within the standards for its category.

Based on a rather old platform, the Citroën C3 Aircross has to deal with difficult proportions, including a significant height, a legacy of a previous generation more minivan. This allows the C3 Aircross to offer spaciousness well within the norm for its segment, or even above it, despite its 6 years of age, and a modularity that is still just as advanced, in particular thanks to a sliding rear seat that makes it possible to prioritise space for knees or boot volume that, in its minimum configuration, is almost on a par with its French competitors Peugeot 2008 or Renault Captur.

The interior style of the C3 Aircross has not aged that much and offers a dashboard that is still attractive and simple, but very well assembled materials that will not suffer any criticism over time. The seats, too, have always been modern since the restyling, with a capsule design and backrests and seats in two parts, separated on the backrests by a different textile band. Generous seats that offer remarkable comfort, especially in the Advanced Comfort versions. The only thing that betrays the C3 Aircross is its age, with a glaring lack of modernity, especially in its still-existing dials or its now outdated multimedia system, even if it is quite responsive.

In red, the Citroën C3 Aircross retains a very contemporary style despite being 6 years old.

On the road, the engines are more than enough to propel a C3 Aircross that has managed to remain light, so all the engines will be perfectly capable of driving at cruising speeds and allowing quick overtaking, even if it has no sporting pretensions. The C3 Aircross is a comfortable car, not a sporty one, which means that the car's movements can be noticeable when cornering, but its handling remains unflappable and very reassuring. Only fuel consumption, especially with the petrol version and in urban areas, can be quite high (7-8 litres), while on roads and motorways at legal speeds it is much more moderate (around 6 litres). The fact remains that on a daily basis, the Citroën C3 Aircross will delight you with first-class comfort, which is not limited to flexible suspensions and soft seats, but everything on board contributes to giving a zen atmosphere where you feel cut off. world in a bubble of softness protected from the outside world, every trip, every journey is a pleasure at the wheel both for the driver and for all the passengers who will all benefit from a large living space, excellent comfort.

In conclusion, 6 years in the career of a car is a lot and the opportunity to delay in the face of ever stronger competition in this segment. But with more than adequate space, top modularity and remarkable comfort, the C3 Aircross still has a lot to offer against much newer and more modern competitors. The C3 Aircross is not outdated in terms of style, thanks to a successful restyling, but it is a little out of date in that it does not have an odometer, a modern multimedia system or even efficient engines to reduce fuel consumption in town. The C3 Aircross compensates for these shortcomings by offering a much lower price than its direct competitors, as the Citroën small SUV costs €1,000 less with a more powerful engine (110 hp compared to 100 for the Peugeot 2008 and 90 for the Renault Captur).

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