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[In retrospect] DS tweaks DS 9 slightly

DS is changing its DS 9 for 2023 but it keeps its very high-end style and its coupe sedan appearance

Launched in 2020, the large DS saloon has entered a particularly difficult market, dominated by German premium brands, which account for the vast majority of sales and where it takes time to find a place. For its third anniversary, DS is updating the DS 9 with a new multimedia system.

Extended range and revised equipment for the DS 9

From the outset, the DS 9 had an interior that was on a par with its competitors, with omnipresent luxury and a real high-end feel that was different from that usually found in this segment. However, despite a satisfactory screen size - the touchscreen extends to over 12 inches - the DS 9 lacked inferior technology, particularly in terms of the multimedia system, which was completely outdated. At a time when these systems are becoming more and more important, and when they can bring real modernity and a real difference, the old system that came with the DS 9 was no longer in the same league.

The brand has taken advantage of this 2023 update to bring the new Stellantis multimedia system, which is much smoother and more customisable thanks to widgets taken from smartphones. The DS Iris system also allows the DS 9 to display 360° views provided by new high-resolution digital cameras, or to access the Mirror Screen, CarPlay and Android Auto functions via Wi-Fi or via two USB Type-C ports.

Connected Navigation helps drivers choose the best route. It tracks traffic conditions and calculates the best routes in real time. The screen shows danger zones, including speed limits (depending on the country's legislation), weather forecasts, the location and price of petrol stations or the location of public car parks and charging points. For on-street parking, DS IRIS SYSTEM shows the probability of finding a parking space, street by street, in major cities. All updates are automatic.

This new multimedia system is accompanied by the launch of a new Opéra finish, which has been added to the Performance Line + and Rivoli +. This new trim extends the DS 9's range with many standard features such as camera-controlled suspension, the Extended Safety Pack with level 2 semi-autonomous driving and night vision, to which the FOCAL Electra® HiFi system is added, the DS Pack Lounge for rear-seat passengers, including the Premium Leather rear central armrest, the Lounge headrest for the side seats, the courtesy button for the front passenger seat, Enhanced dual-zone climate control and heated, massaged and ventilated rear seats in the side seats, as well as sunroof, powered tailgate, heated windscreen and alarm.

This new OPÉRA finish is available with three different colour interiors: OPÉRA ROUGE RUBIS, OPÉRA NOIR BASALT and the new OPÉRA GRIS PEARL.

The elegance of OPERA is reflected in the nappa leather upholstery, which is complemented by the DS logo embossed on the front of the head restraints, the rear seat, the centre console and the extended dashboard, regardless of the colour chosen. The RUBY RED and BASALT BLACK interiors also feature exclusive Art Leather upholstery with an enchanting finish. Another new feature on the DS 9 M.Y. 23 is the Alcantara® headliner in Pebble Grey, which bathes the interior in a subdued light.

The Lounge Pack is one of the specificities of the DS 9 which allows it to offer a real premium atmosphere

Finally, the DS 9 gets the Esprit de Voyage collection, which embodies the art of travel that DS wants to offer in its cars. This DS 9 Esprit de Voyage has an interior with seats upholstered in full Pearl Grey Nappa leather with watchstrap. The centre console, dashboard and door panels are all trimmed in Pearl Grey Nappa leather.

The headliner is fully trimmed in Pebble Gray Alcantara®, as are the door armrests and the front and rear mats, which feature a special Zéphir stitching.

Pearl Grey nappa leather is hot-embossed on the flap under the central screen, using a technique developed by DS Automobiles craftsmen to give relief to this unique shape. Inspired by the iconic guilloché work of Parisian watchmakers, the Clou de Paris marks the location of the DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS, from which rays of light radiate out to trace a map of Europe. This design, created for the ESPRIT DE VOYAGE collection, has been reworked for this collection. These lines are repeated on the doorsills, the monograms and the mirror shells by laser engraving.

Fine materials accompany the other elements of the interior with a Black Basalt grain leather steering wheel, an upper dashboard in Basalt Black Nappa leather and a rear parcel shelf in Black Alcantara®.

Externally, the E-TENSE 250 features new 19" CHAMBORD wheels with Anthra Grey matt finish, while the E-TENSE 4x4 360 retains 20" MUNICH wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres.

The DS 9 M.Y. 23 ESPRIT DE VOYAGE is available in four colours: Crystal Pearl, Midnight Blue, Platinum Grey and Black Perla Nera.

To sum up, these changes bring the DS 9 up to date in terms of technology, with a much more efficient multimedia system, even if it still falls short of the most modern. Nevertheless, the DS 9 has an undeniable high-end feel to it, and its chunky coupé-sedan looks give it a good presence. With less than 2,000 units sold per year in Europe, the DS 9 is not there to create volume, but it does help to improve the premium image of DS and prepares the ground for the next vehicles, which will undoubtedly have much more to say.


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