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Future DS 7: the new electric ambition of DS

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In 2020, DS automobiles presented the Aero Sport Lounge (ASL) concept, which redefines SUVs with the ambition of maintaining a high driving position while having better aerodynamics in order to promote electric autonomy. This concept heralded DS' desire to be 100% electric and the future DS 7.

Restyled this year, the new DS 7, as it should be called from now on, has considerably changed its aesthetics with a completely new front end and a modified rear hatch. This restyling should allow it to last for the next three years before its replacement points the end of its grille.

It is indeed by 2025 that the future DS 7 will be marketed with a style largely inspired by the ASL concept made of taut lines, a receding roof and an impressive style. Although it is still too early to fully know its contours, it seems certain that we will find elements of the ASL concept but also of the E-Tense performance concept since DS has already announced that the front of the E-Tense Performance concept would be taken up on the brand's future models.

passionnément citroen, blog citroen, forum citroen, ds, ds automobiles, ds7, futur ds 7 2025, futur ds7 2024

We should therefore find, on the future DS including the next DS 7, very fine projectors as well as a very worked LED signature going down far into the shield but, for reasons of homologation and costs, the screen as a grille should be replaced by a "classic" grille even if we are not immune to a surprise. The e-Tense performance concept, like ASL, also featured a black painted bonnet, like the DS 4 special for Jean-Éric Vergne, which could arrive on the production version of the future DS 7.

Go electric

Based on the STLA Medium platform (formerly known as eVMP), the future DS 7 will therefore be exclusively offered with a 100% electric engine since all the next DS from 2024 will be exclusively electric.

The future DS 7, known under the code name D74, will therefore be one of the first DS to be purely electric and should offer relatively high power (around 350 horsepower) for a range that the brand estimates to be greater than 700 km, i.e. very significant.

The future DS 7 should be marketed in the course of 2025 and will sign a new ambition for DS to be 100% electric and sign a new start in which it will be one of the first premium brands to be 100% electric.


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