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Citroën shines in Italy: spectacular growth in 2024

The new Citroën C3 in red, seen in profile

Citroën is enjoying a truly successful year in Italy, making impressive progress in this key market. With a market share of 5% in June, an increase of 1.6 points compared to the same period last year, the brand has seen a 70% increase in volumes. This exceptional performance puts Citroën in sixth place in the Italian sales rankings, a significant result for the chevron brand.

Resounding success for the C3

The Citroën C3 stands out particularly on the Italian market, where it was the third best-selling car in June with a market share of 2.75%. Even more impressive is its second place in segment B with a market share of 14%, an increase of 4.6 points compared to 2023. These figures underline the importance of the C3 for Citroën in Italy, a key market for the brand.

In the first half of 2024, Citroën achieved a market share of 4.6%, up almost one point on the previous year, with a 32% increase in volume. The C3 continues to shine with a national market share of 2.7% and maintains its second place in segment B with 14%, up 4.75 points.

The expansion of electric mobility

2024 also marks the arrival of the new Citroën C3 electric car in Italy, with more than 2,000 orders recorded in the first six months. This revolutionary model, with an affordable price of less than 24,000 euros and an urban range of up to 440 km, promises to transform urban mobility. Indeed, Citroën offers a bold formula with monthly payments starting at 49 euros, making electric mobility accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Citroën's electric segment is not limited to the ë-C3. The ë-C4 and ë-C4X models continue to perform well, with a market share of 10.8% for the C4 in the saloon segment. In addition, the performance of the electric sector showed an increase of 3 points to reach a share of 11.3%.

As for the Citroën Ami, it confirms its status as the queen of electric minicars with a segment share of 46% in 2024. If we extend the analysis to all energy sources, it maintains its leadership with a 30% market share since the beginning of the year.

Italy: a key market for Citroën

The Italian market plays a strategic role for Citroën and the 2024 results confirm this. The brand's remarkable growth in the first half of the year, highlighted by a 138% year-on-year increase in private sales orders in June, demonstrates the strong demand from Italian consumers. Citroën is thus celebrating its centenary in Italy in the best possible way, consolidating its position and approaching a market share of 5%.

In conclusion, Citroën's performance in Italy this year demonstrates not only the popularity of its models, particularly the C3, but also the brand's effective strategy to meet the expectations of the Italian market. With a diverse andnovante, Citroën s'impose comme un acteur majeur, prêt à relever les défis futurs du secteur automobile.

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