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Citroën meets Indonesian consumers

Citroën exhibits cars in Bandung, Indonesia

Citroën has great ambitions in Indonesia, where it intends to develop to increase its presence in this region of the world, but also to increase its international sales to be less dependent on Europe. The brand, which is new and not very well known, is organising events to get in touch with the Indonesian population and present its range.

The brand took over Atrium 23 of the Paskal Shopping Centre, a huge shopping mall in Bandung, near Java, where it occupied a large area to present its entire range, from the C3 to the C5 Aircross. During this presence, Citroën also organised a launch evening for the ë-C3 and the C3 Aircross, on which the brand relies heavily. In fact, to differentiate itself on the Indonesian market, Citroën is relying on the electric C3, which is one of the few cars on the market at such an affordable price, which is a boon for the brand as there is little competition.

The second advantage for Citroën is the new C3 Aircross, as the brand's compact SUV has a 7-seater version, which accounts for the vast majority of sales in Indonesia and allows Citroën to offer a car that meets the needs of consumers. To illustrate the importance of the C3 Aircross in Indonesia, it was presented there in an automatic version, which is not available in India, although it seems inevitable to achieve sufficient sales. Citroën is reserving it in Indonesia for the time being, before launching it on the Indian market.

Tan Kim Piauw, CEO of Indomobil, the brand's official importer, says: "Currently, Citroën Indonesia offers a variety of choices tailored to customers' tastes and needs, from petrol cars to fully electric cars to help users in their daily activities, driven by the promise of "Dare to Care". We are confident that the range of products we are currently introducing will meet the diverse mobility needs of people in Bandung City in particular and West Java in general".

In conclusion, to compensate for its lack of visibility, Citroën needs to reach out to consumers and what better way to do so than in huge shopping centres. By investing in a large area, the brand was able to display its models and have them tested by consumers. With the electric C3 and the 7-seater C3 Aircross in its range, Citroën has serious assets to meet the needs of Indonesian consumers and carve out a place for itself in this difficult market.

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