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Citroën inaugurates an eco-responsible sports park in Portugal with Ami

The Citroën Ami in a theme park

Citroën is celebrating its 105th anniversary this year with an innovative and ecological initiative in Portugal. This initiative, which aims to promote physical activity and raise awareness of environmental issues among communities, is based around Ami, the brand's small 100% electric chip, which perfectly embodies respect for the environment.

That is why Citroën, in partnership with Oeiras Municipality, is creating a 500 m² sports park in Caxias. This project is part of the "My Ami Causes" initiative, which aims to integrate key environmental issues into local communities and encourage young people to take part in sporting activities. The sports park will include unique facilities such as a 3 x 3 basketball court, a futsal court and changing rooms for athletes. "The responsibility to build and equip the sports park is a commitment we take very seriously," said a Citroën spokesperson. "We want to set an example in terms of sustainability and community involvement."

An ecological and community project

The originality of the project lies in its sustainable and community approach. Beach clean-ups are organised to collect, treat and reuse waste in the construction of sports facilities. These voluntary initiatives aim not only to protect the environment, but also to integrate recycled materials into the sports park, creating a virtuous circle of sustainability. The renovation of the site was completed on 31 May and Citroën is now in the final stages of preparing and installing the equipment. The official inauguration of the sports park is scheduled for the end of June.

"With this project, we not only want to offer young people a place to play, but also raise awareness in the community of the importance of protecting the environment," added the Citroën spokesperson.

With this project, Citroën is celebrating its 105th anniversary and demonstrating its commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions. Ami, Citroën's micromobility solution, symbolises this bold initiative "Ami Acerta No Cesto" and highlights the importance of integrating sustainability into community projects.

In conclusion, Citroën and the Municipality of Oeiras are leading the way with this exemplary project that combines sport, community and sustainability. The Caxias Sports Park will be a model of what a successful social and environmental commitment can be, offering young people a space to develop while respecting our planet. This project is not only a gift to the people of Caxias, but also a reminder of the essential role we all have to play in protecting our environment. Once again, Citroën proves that it is at the forefront of innovation, not only in the automotive sector, but also in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

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