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Citroën C3 Rally2: Technical innovations to maintain excellence in rallying

The Citroën C3 Rally 2 in its reworked 2024 version

At Citroën Racing, innovation and research are constantly underway to improve the performance of the Citroën C3 Rally2, which has enjoyed great success and a successful career. The technical department, from the design office to the racing teams, works tirelessly to extract every ounce of potential from this iconic model, bringing a host of new features to optimise the performance of the C3 that Citroën Racing wants to offer to all its customers.

New technical developments: Three innovative kits

Citroën Racing has recently introduced three major upgrade kits that have already proven their effectiveness:

  • Improved roof hatch: Optimised aerodynamic flows on the upper part of the car, increasing pure performance.

  • Optimised air box: Improves the air intake, allowing you to gain a few extra horsepower.

  • Revised engine environment: Adjustments to the intercooler, air duct and boost circuit increase power and improve engine responsiveness.

These innovations have already proved their worth in Croatia, where the Citroën C3 Rally2s achieved a double in WRC2, and in Portugal, where Gryazin and Aleksandrov triumphed in RC2 on gravel. These successes perfectly illustrate the performance and power gains obtained thanks to the new kits.

Worldwide availability

The improvements validated on the official cars will be available in the coming weeks on the more than 150 Citroën C3 Rally2 cars competing worldwide. Citroën Racing wants all its customers to be able to benefit from these advances in order to remain competitive in their respective championships.

For seven years now, Citroën Racing has regularly introduced developments to keep the C3 Rally2 at the top of its category. Rigorous tests on tarmac and dirt have led to the approval of three new kits, which are now ready for the market.

This weekend, Yohan Rossel, accompanied by Benjamin Boulloud, and Nikolay Gryazin, with Konstantin Aleksandrov, will take part in the Sardinia Rally under the DG Sport Competition banner. With 266.12 kilometres of narrow and rough timed sections, this event will test both man and machine. Our crews are determined to maintain their momentum and proudly represent the work of the Citroën Racing technicians.

Citroën Racing has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and performance. With the new upgrade kits, the Citroën C3 Rally2 is ready to continue to dominate on tracks around the world. We can therefore expect even better performances from the C3 Rally2 in the next rallies, confirming Citroën's leading position in the world of rallying, even if the brand is no longer in the top category.

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