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Citroën C3: a unique offer for the generational transition

The new Citroën C3 in a gray color

The new Citroën C3 is about to make its big debut at dealerships in a few weeks' time, with the commercial launch scheduled for May-June. In anticipation of customer enthusiasm for this new generation, Citroën is launching a unique and innovative offer designed to facilitate the transition between models and provide a particularly attractive solution for fans of the brand.

This offer, called Bridge, is Citroën's ingenious response to the expectations of customers who are eager to discover the new C3 but do not want to wait for it to become available at dealerships. It allows a smooth transition between the two generations of the C3, offering a continuous driving experience perfectly adapted to the needs of consumers.

The concept is simple: interested customers can choose to lease a current C3 for a full year and then switch seamlessly to the new-generation ë-C3, still in its You trim, offering continuity of driving experience while benefiting from the latest technological innovations from the double-chevron brand.

This Bridge offer lasts for 48 months and 40,000 km, giving users considerable flexibility. The first twelve months and the first 10,000 km are dedicated to the current generation C3, while the following three years and the remaining 30,000 km are dedicated to the new generation ë-C3.

In addition to its innovative nature, this formula also represents a significant financial advantage for customers. In fact, the offer requires no up-front payment, with a monthly rental of €269 for the current generation and €279 for the new generation. In addition, the initial €4,000 deposit for the new generation is fully offset by the environmental bonus, making the new C3 even more accessible and attractive to budget-conscious consumers.

This approach demonstrates Citroën's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers while remaining at the forefront of technological innovation and environmental sustainability. By offering such a flexible and beneficial solution, the brand not only ensures that it meets its customers' expectations, but also strengthens their long-term loyalty by providing an uncompromising driving experience.

In conclusion, this unique offer from Citroën is much more than just an opportunity to purchase the new C3: it is a real gateway to the future of mobility, offering consumers the opportunity to experience a modern, practical and environmentally friendly driving experience, starting today.

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