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Citroën C3 2024: a Zen interior focused on comfort

The new Citroën C3 2024 in a red shade

Launched in October 2023, the new Citroën C3 embodies a new philosophy for the brand, that of promoting electric mobility accessible to all. Indeed, with a base price of €23,300, the new ë-C3 is unique in its segment, offering a range of 300 km, satisfactory performance and a high level of comfort. In addition, the fourth generation C3 also marks a breakthrough in terms of exterior style, with the first series production of the brand's new logo, accompanied by an unprecedented level of detail. But if the new C3 changes a lot compared to the current generation, it remains faithful to the brand's values, starting with its comfort, which promises to be exceptional, but which also marks the beginning of a new era, no longer confined to the seats and suspensions, but also inside with the new C-Zen Lounge concept.

A cosy and warm interior

With a starting price of less than €20,000 after discounts, the new Citroën C3 is very accessible, but by no means cheap. Its interior is inspired by the brand's new style, a mixture of horizontality and verticality, which we find in particular on the dashboard, which is very flat, very horizontal, but which ends with two vertical vents, faithful to the style of the brand's latest productions, notably the C4 and C5, called C-Zen Lounge and which aims to make the passenger compartment an additional room in the house that is cosy, warm and, of course, comfortable.

The dashboard of the new Citroën C3 2024

Without going into the stylistic details of the interior of the new C3, the cabin design takes advantage of the more vertical silhouette of the C3 and its greater height of 1.57m. The result is greater spaciousness, with an additional 3 cm of roof clearance, the advantage of a raised position and easier access to the car, while offering the driver greater safety thanks to a better view of the road.

At this higher level, Citroën has therefore combined a very horizontal dashboard, which has the advantage of freeing up the view and bringing light into the cabin. Light, spaciousness and comfort are the key words in the design of this new interior, which inaugurates the C-Zen Lounge concept to be found in the cabin of the brand's next models.

The cabin has been carefully designed to maximise comfort on board, with the aim of making it cosy and warm, like an extension of the comfort of your home. In the Plus and Max versions, the dashboard is lined with a fabric with a 3D mesh effect that is soft to the touch and soft to the touch thanks to a foam thickness of 1-2 millimetres, which contributes to the warmth of the cabin. The new seats, which have been redesigned to provide better lateral support, have been created to maximise comfort, starting with the design of the backrests and seats, which echo those of the CX, but above all offer the best postural comfort. Citroën has also taken care to create a light interior, as evidenced by the top of the seat backs, the door panels and even the underside of the doors, which contrast with the black, continuing the brand's work on the current generation.

The front seats of the new Citroën C3 2024

Finally, to brighten up the interior, Citroën has added some colour elements to the doors: grey for the top-of-the-range Max version and Bleu Ultra Cardio, a new shade for the You and Plus versions, which brings a touch of colour to the interior.

A peaceful journey

The C-Zen Lounge concept therefore aims to maximise the comfort of the interior of new Citroëns, in addition to the softness of the seats and suspension. But it also aims to make driving more tranquil by mentally relaxing the driver so that he or she can concentrate on the road without being distracted by too many unhelpful elements.

Citroën has therefore placed the instrument cluster on a thin panel at the base of the windscreen to improve the driver's view of the road and to reduce the amount of light entering the cabin, thus giving the impression of head-up vision. The latter is also reduced to what is strictly necessary, leaving out all the often useless gadgets.

In conjunction with this instrument cluster, the new C3 also introduces a new steering wheel for the brand, which is significantly smaller than the old ones, in order to improve the visibility of the driving information and the handling, thus also improving driving comfort and suggesting greater dynamism.

With this new C-Zen Lounge concept, Citroën goes even further in its desire to emphasise its favourite subject, comfort, in a 360° attitude that goes beyond the simple pairing of seat and suspension. Citroën's aim is to offer the best possible comfort in all areas, from the driving experience, with essential information displayed as close to the road as possible, to a warm and cosy interior that makes the best use of space, with refined and simple surfaces. As well as comfort, this new interior also takes into account elements such as the benefits of panoramic forward and side visibility, optimised by high ground clearance and a high driving position, which maximises space and provides a greater sense of control and safety, in short, an interior that invites you to travel in pure Citroën style.


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