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Citroën: another good performance in Greece in August

The entire Citroën electric range on the island of Chalki in Greece

Since the beginning of the year, Citroën has enjoyed real success on the Greek market, where it has recorded excellent results month after month. It confirmed this in August by recording one of the strongest increases on the Greek market, thus reinforcing its performance in the first eight months.

Like other European markets, the Greek car market has been recovering strongly since the beginning of the year and confirmed this again in August with a 19.8% increase in sales to 10,368 units, the seventh month of double-digit growth since the beginning of the year.

In this market, Citroën is one of the brands making the most progress. Indeed, the brand with the double chevron sold 653 units, an increase of 77.4%, making it the fifth best-selling brand in Greece with a market share of 6.3%. This is an excellent performance for the brand, which was in tenth place in July. These excellent results are due to the C3, which sold 311 units in August, placing it in 7th place with a 3% market share and a 17.4% increase in sales.

The C3 Aircross also performed very well, coming 11th in sales with 270 units and a sales increase of 229.3%, entering the top 5 in its segment.

Since the beginning of the year, the Greek car market has grown by 25.3% to 93,110 units, with Citroën again performing very well. Over the same period, the Chevrolet brand increased its sales by 122.9% to 6,254 units, giving it a market share of 6.7% and moving it up five places to 6th place in terms of sales.

Here too, the C3 is the brand's bestseller, with 3,250 units sold and a 60.8% increase in sales, but it is the C3 Aircross that is making the headlines, with sales up 359.8% to 1,430 units and a 1.5% market share. This puts it in 20th place in terms of sales, up 38 places from 2022. The C4 is not left out, with sales up 247.9% to 762 units and a market share of 0.8%, better than the Peugeot 308 (525 units +2.1%) or the Opel Astra (178 units +97.8%), excluding the C4 X, which is not included in the C4 figures. The latter, after an excellent performance in June, has sold 463 units since the beginning of the year, or 0.5% of the market.

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