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Citroën sales explode in Greece in the first quarter of 2023

Range of Citroen cars in Greece, including the C4, AMi and C3

March was undoubtedly a successful month for Citroën, which was able to recover in France and thus record growth in Europe. But the brand also performed very well in a number of countries, including Greece, where it is driving the sales counters crazy.

Since the beginning of the year, Citroën has enjoyed excellent sales in Greece, with particularly high growth rates. This was also the case in March when, with 915 units sold, the brand increased its sales on the Greek market by 240.1%, putting it in 4th place with a market share of 6.9%. The brand moved up 7 places compared to March 2022.

Citroën's best-seller is the C3, whose sales rose by 213.9% to 631 units sold with a market share of 4.8%, making the C3 second in its segment behind the Opel Corsa in March.

The brand's performance is remarkable in a market that also showed strong growth with +58% and 3,284 units sold.

While the Greek market grew by 50.6% to 33,772 units sold, Citroën's sales increased by 206.4% to 2,862 units, giving it a market share of 8.5%, making it the second Stellantis Group brand on the Greek market in the first quarter after Opel. Citroën's growth is thanks to the C3, as the brand's small sedan rose 210.8% in the first quarter, with 2,079 units sold and a market share of 6.2%. The only downside is that most of Citroën's sales are based on the C3, which represents around 72% of the brand's sales, well ahead of the other models whose sales are as follows:

  • C3 Aircross: With 557 units sold, an increase of 642.7% and a market share of 1.6%, the C3 Aircross is the best-selling urban SUV in the Stellantis Group and one of the top 10 in its segment.

  • C4: 99 units sold, down 7.5%, but March sales jumped 435.7% with 75 units sold, indicating the delivery difficulties experienced by the compact Chevrolet sedan.

  • The C5 Aircross also saw sales increase by 156.5% to 118 units.

To sum up, Citroën's sales performance in the first quarter of the year was very good, mainly due to the explosion in sales of the C3, although the other models, particularly the C3 Aircross, also performed well. . The second Stellantis brand on the Greek market and fourth overall, Citroën is only a few units behind Peugeot (third with 2,999 units).

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