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Citroën C5 X: even more accessible in China

The Citroën C5 X has specific offers in China as well as unique colors such as this red

The Citroën C5 X is the brand's large sedan, manufactured exclusively in China, where it is the best-selling Citroën and Stellantis group, far ahead of other models. In order to continue its momentum, the brand has just unveiled an action plan which makes the C5 X even more accessible on the Chinese market.

Since its launch, the Citroën C5 X has taken full advantage of its local manufacture to offer, on the Chinese market, prices that make it very competitive, which has enabled it to arouse great interest from Chinese consumers and to be featured around the twentieth position in the sales ranking of its segment.

While the big Citroën has been experiencing a slight drop in speed since the start of the year, Citroën has decided to support its large sedan to make it even more competitive, a few months after having made modifications that make it even closer European versions. These purchase aids are essentially made up of monthly rents with no initial down payment, which avoids having to have a contribution to benefit from the car. Citroën offers three rental offers of 36, 48 or 60 months with decreasing rates depending on the duration:

  • 36 months: 4,911 yuan or €638

  • 48 months: 3,986 yuan or €518

  • 60 months: 3,343 yuan or €434

These purchase facilities should allow the C5 X to reach more of the public and see its sales go up after an initial increase observed in May when nearly 3,000 units were sold. This is all the more so since Citroën is generous with the Chinese public since this aid is combined with other offers that have been in place for a long time in China and which are particularly interesting. Thus, the brand guarantees the trade-in value of the C5 X over the first three years with a logically decreasing rate according to the duration: 85% after one year, 75% after two years then 65% at the end of the third year. Finally, there is a 5-year or 150,000-kilometre warranty offered by the brand.

It's a fact: the C5 X in China behaves well without being a remarkable success, but its performance on the Chinese market is good, it still arouses interest from consumers, as proof of the multiple specific versions made by brand customers. These new aids which are added to the previous ones and to a recent evolution should undoubtedly have a positive impact on the Chinese market and, perhaps, allow the C5 X to enter the Top 20 of its segment and to return to 5,000 monthly units.

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