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CHINA auto market - February 2023 report

After a January disrupted by the Chinese New Year and the end of tax incentives for certain vehicles, which caused the car market to fall by 35%, February promises to be better, with wholesale sales* up by 10.9% compared to February 2008, mainly due to a higher number of working days. In February, 1,653,000 units were produced in China.

In this context, sales of

  • Citroën, down 42.99% to 2,219 units

  • DS down 72.44% to 43 units

  • PEUGEOT down 40.03% to 2,183 units

  • JEEP** are 1 unit

In total Stellantis sales are 4,446 units down 42.92% for a market share of 0.27%.

Here are the sales of:


The C5 X represents 85.17% of Citroën's sales, which means that without it, the brand would be almost dead in China. The brand's large saloon is the group's best-selling car, accounting for 42.51% of Stellantis sales in China.


DS :

* Wholesale sales refer to cars produced

**Jeep no longer manufactures vehicles in China

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