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4-month forecast 2023 - SPAIN car market

Following significant increases in previous months, the Spanish car market recorded an increase of 33.7% to 312,314 units, but this performance is still well below the level of 2019. In this market, sales of electrified vehicles increased by 45.3% to 37,347 units, which represents a market share of more than 10%.

In this context, sales of the

  • ALFA ROMEO, up 101.7% to 1,289 units

  • CITROËN, up 12.5% to 14,721 units, giving it a 4.71% market share

  • DS down 2.2% to 1,509 units

  • FIAT were up 29.9% to 8,321 units, giving a market share of 2.66%.

  • JEEP are down 19.6% to 2,672 units

  • MASERATI are 170 units

  • OPEL are up 71.6% to 11,311 units for a market share of 3.62%.

  • PEUGEOT are up 33.3% to 23,082 units for a market share of 7.39%.

In total, Stellantis sold 63,075 units, an increase of 12.88% and a market share of 20.20%. Citroën's poor performance in April slightly affected its year-to-date results, but the brand continued its positive trend and remained the Group's second best-selling brand in Spain. Citroën is also in 9th place in terms of year-to-date sales.

In terms of models, the C4 is the best-selling brand in Spain, with sales of 5,069 units, an increase of 17.12%; it is also 4th in sales of electric cars with 815 units. The C4 is ahead of the C3, whose sales fell by 21.07% to 3,829 units after a very poor performance in April, and the C3 Aircross, which rose by 9.91% to 3,184 units. Finally, the C5 Aircross was up 180.24% with 2,085 units sold, while the C5 X was up 658.90% with 554 units sold.

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