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With its buggy version, the Citroën Ami plays the adventurer.

The Citroën AMI Buggy concept, with its bright yellow accents and lack of doors

At the end of December 2021, as a Christmas gift, Citroën offered a delicious concept that transformed Ami from a little city chip into a little beach chip, playing the ingenuity card in a mischievous way; the concept naturally benefited from positive reviews from both the media and consumers, prompting the brand to offer a first series that quickly sold out, before moving on to the marketing of an even more fun second series in the summer of 2023.

With Ami, the brand's teams are certainly having a lot of fun, coming up with ever new concepts that play more and more on the fun side of the brand's little chip. The My AMI Buggy concept is another step in this direction, transforming Ami into an intelligent beach buggy. No doors, no roofs, it's total freedom that the Ami Buggy offers, taking on a real adventurous side thanks to its large sand tyres, its bullbars, its hubcaps and radiator grilles, its bumpers or its bumpers with the chevrons in the middle. On the sides, revised fender flares and tubular protectors under the doors add muscle to the silhouette, while the bodywork features a new mass-tinted khaki colour that is not afraid of small addicts. To spice things up, the interior and some of the trim is a bright yellow.

The concept has undoubtedly met with great success and has prompted Citroën executives to offer a production version announced for 15 June 2022. For this first series, the brand has opted for prudence and limited the Citroën My Ami Buggy to 50 units in France only, all of which were sold out in less than 18 minutes. A resounding success for this unique adventurous version, confirming the interest and appeal of this version to consumers, which naturally prompted Citroën to quickly consider a second series, this time much more numerous.

As a Christmas present, Citroën is therefore announcing the launch of the second version of the My Ami Buggy. Limited to 1,000 units, this version takes up the principles of the first series but strengthens the link with the original concept by incorporating stylistic and equipment elements from the Ami Buggy concept. With a much larger number of units, Citroën is also opening up orders in 9 countries, not just France, as if to underline the immense success that the Ami has enjoyed wherever it has been marketed. With more than 35,000 units sold since its launch, Citroën's little chip confirms its power to seduce all generations, which this new Buggy 2 version will undoubtedly increase and which, we hope, will inspire the brand to explore new territories, as Ami offers the opportunity to do.

And you, what would you like to see happen on Ami?


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