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Which Crit'Air sticker for your Citroën?

Since 2017, the French state has introduced a new sticker for vehicles to regulate traffic on days of high pollution. The Crit'air sticker will be affixed to windscreens and will be obligatory in low emission zones, where it will allow you to drive if your vehicle is one of the least polluting. Since Citroëns have long been among the most efficient, which Crit'air badge is right for my vehicle?

For more than ten years, Citroën has been offering the least polluting vehicles, both petrol and diesel. The brand first introduced the particulate filter on its HDi models and then equipped them with Adblue, one of the world's most effective emission control systems. Since 2020, the brand has been progressively equipping its models with the latest electrified technologies, including plug-in hybrid engines for the C5 Aircross and C5 X, then electric engines for the C4, Berlingo and the entire Utility range. The imminent arrival of the future C3 and C3 Aircross, which will be available in an electric version, will enable Citroën to further reduce CO2 emissions and thus to operate in large cities that are gradually extending their Low Emission Zones (LEZ).

In fact, the law requires large cities to set up low emission zones, which limit the circulation of vehicles in order to combat air pollution. And to drive in these low emission zones, the famous Crit'Air stickers will be checked, which, if they are not formally obligatory throughout the territory, are absolutely necessary in these low emission zones under penalty of a fine of 68 euros and a ban on driving, even if the car potentially meets the emission criteria. It is therefore strongly recommended that you affix a Crit'air sticker to your vehicle, preferably on the windscreen so that it is clearly visible during inspections.

Ordering a Crit'air sticker could not be easier: all you have to do is connect to the Internet and place your order with the various sites that will send your sticker directly to your home by post. It is then up to you to affix it to the inside of your windscreen so that you can drive freely behind the wheel of your Citroën in congested areas or in other cities that also use the Crit'Air sticker to restrict traffic on days when pollution levels are high.

To sum up, even though Citroën models have been among the least polluting for over a decade, it is not easy to find your way through the jungle of criteria to know exactly which Crit'Air sticker applies to your vehicle. This is the purpose of the websites that allow you to order stickers, most of them for very modest sums, to simplify the procedure and allow you to travel with complete peace of mind.


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