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Thierry Koskas reaffirms his desire to make Citroën a popular brand and not a cheap one.

Thierry Koskas, the new boss of Citroën, in front of a white Citroën C4 X

Since the announcement of Citroën's positioning, which puts an end to the low-cost rumours by indicating that the brand will continue in this segment of so-called popular cars, the new Citroën boss has been speaking out, as Thierry Koskas reiterated a few days ago on the set of BFM TV.

It took some time for Citroën to clarify its positioning and put an end to rumours of low-cost by confirming a popular brand positioning in the noble sense of the word, which is ultimately what it has been since 2016. Of course, the future C3 and C3 Aircross will have accessible or even very accessible versions, as the future 100% electric version of the C3 will be sold for less than €25,000 excluding bonuses, i.e. at least €10,000 less than an equivalent Peugeot 08 or Opel Corsa. But Citroën will also continue to offer a wide range of vehicles, which distinguishes it in particular from Dacia, which is more focused on the B-segment, even if rumours point to a move up to the C-segment in the next few years.

Above all, Thierry Koskas confirms that Citroën has a wide range of products, from the Ami to the C5 X, without counting the entire range of commercial vehicles, and that the company intends to keep this range as complete as possible in order to satisfy all customer needs. We can therefore say that Citroën is not going to reduce its range to a few vehicles like Dacia, for example, but on the contrary will continue to offer an extensive range from the B segment (C3) to the D segment (C5 X), in line with the brand's desire to make mobility accessible to all.

Finally, Thierry Koskas points out that the Citroën brand is "a popular brand, capable of meeting all the mobility needs of both private and professional customers, and based on very strong values". analyses the new CEO. Comfort, ease of use, durability because we also make electric cars, and a bit of daring because we are always the first to offer new concepts such as Citroën AMI".

This new positioning, or rather clarification, combined with new products, particularly in the B-segment, i.e. the C3 and C3 Aircross, should enable the brand to increase its sales to the target of one million units sold, of which 70% in Europe and the rest in Asia, Latin America and Africa-Middle East, in particular with the vehicles of the C-Cubed programme. This allows Thierry Koskas to say: "My objective is to conquer again, both in Europe, to regain 5% of the market share, which is what Citroën is worth, and at the same time to have 30% of our sales outside France. Europe because we have opened up very important markets such as India".

Here is the video of Thierry Koskas' appearance on BFM TV, where he answers questions from journalists who, as you will see, are far from nice:

In conclusion, Citroën, through the voice of Thierry Koskas, is finally putting an end to the low-cost rumours by defining a popular positioning, which is more or less what the brand already has today. This should put an end to the rumours that have damaged the brand, and it has already done so, with some articles finally suggesting that Citroën will no longer be a low-cost brand, but what a waste of time to silence these rumours that have damaged Citroën's image, blurred its message and made consumers and the network wary and anxious. The arrival of Thierry Koskas, coupled with the renewal of the teams in France, therefore marks a new beginning for Citroën with a boss who reaffirms that his priority is Citroën and whose first decisions put the brand back on track.


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