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The redesigned Citroën Jumpy is finally unveiled... but in camouflage mode

First image of the restyled Citroën Jumpy, the camouflaged front is intriguing and suggests a completely revised design.

Launched in 2016, the current Citroën Jumpy will very soon experience the restyling box that will allow it to continue its career in the face of renewed competition. This new Jumpy has just been tested for the first time with a competitor's model, which allows us to find out more about the extent of this restyling, which will see the front end and interior evolve considerably.

Commercial vehicles have a much longer career than passenger cars, so this restyling should be big enough to give the Citroën Jumpy and its K0 cousins enough strength for the second part of their career. This is why the entire front is covered, which shows that the changes could be significant with new headlights, which on this occasion should switch to full LED. We can also see that the direction indicator has changed its position and is now at the top of the headlamp, as opposed to the current position at the bottom.

First glimpse of the dashboard of the redesigned Citroën Jumpy, camouflaged for the moment but hinting at major changes. New features and a more modern design are expected for this facelifted version of Citroën's popular van.

The changes are most noticeable on the inside, where the dashboard has been largely redesigned and modernised. Thus, finished with the old 8-inch screen, the new Jumpy will receive a 10-inch screen equipped with the latest Stellantis multimedia system and, to be totally modern, the screen of the instrument panel goes digital with a customisable screen also of 10 inches, presumably. We also note that the steering wheel is all new with four spokes, the upper two being larger to accommodate the control buttons, while the lower ones are thinner.

The presentation of the redesigned Jumpy and its brother, the Spacetourer, should be next, and we will have all the information on the modifications that they will undergo, which should be enough to put them back in the race against a competition that has clearly been strengthened since their arrival on the market.

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