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The new Citroën C3 will soon be available in Chile

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Citroën is gradually introducing the new C3 in the various Latin American countries, with the aim of strengthening the brand's presence in these countries and increasing Citroën's market share in the region to 4%. The latest country to do so is Chile, where the new C3 will soon make its debut.

From April 2023, the new C3 will appear in the brand's dealerships in Chile, a world first, as two C3s will coexist on the Chilean market. In fact, the current European C3, present in Chile in its redesigned version since the end of 2021, will remain in the catalogue alongside the new C3 coming directly from Brazil. There will therefore be two C3s sold in Chile at different price levels, one imported from Europe and the other from Brazil.

The new C3 will be positioned at the heart of the B-segment saloon market and will be offered with two petrol engines, the 82 bhp 1.2 PureTech and the 115 bhp 1.6 VTi, the same configuration that the brand offers in Argentina. Two gearboxes will also be offered, a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic, the latter only available with the 1.6 engine. Finally, two trim levels will be offered, Live and Feel, with the aim of offering the most accessible price possible, which could be between 12 and 15 million pesos, or between 13,800 and 17,300 euros.

For Marcelo Sepúlveda, Managing Director of Citroën Chile, "Citroën is an historic brand, rooted in tradition, which has always stood out for its design, innovation and closeness to the consumer, and this will become a reality in Chile with the arrival of the new C3, a product that will also be accessible, allowing us to attract new customers to the brand. We hope it will bring us closer to a 3% market share this year".

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