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The future Citroën C3 Aircross in Europe within a year

A drawing of the Citroën C3 Aircross offered in India, which should inspire the European version.

2024 will be the year of Citroën's major offensive in the B-segment, where the brand will finally renew its oldest models and those that bring it the largest share of sales. In addition to the future C3, it is the C3 Aircross that Citroën will renew in 2024 with a new generation that looks very promising.

Today, at 4m16, the Citroën C3 Aircross is one of the smallest in its segment and while it does well in terms of modularity and living space, it lags behind its larger and more versatile counterparts. Citroën is preparing to offer a much larger C3 Aircross in order to approach the standards of the category, which are rightly cause for concern in the category of compact saloons.

We still know very little about this future generation of the C3 Aircross, which will be offered on the European market, except that it will be based on the CMP platform, which it will share with the C3, while offering a much longer wheelbase and no doubt with the version presented in April in India and Latin America, or 2m67, the equivalent of the C4. The C3 Aircross will also share the same factory as the European C3, as it will be built on the Trnava lines and not in Zaragoza as at present, just as it is expected to offer identical parts as the Indian version versus the locally built C3. If it seems certain that the dashboard will be common, like what Peugeot does with the 208 and the 2008, other parts could be shared like the projectors, again like Peugeot.

The differences between the version sold on foreign markets and the European version should be considerable and at least in the same order of magnitude as between the C3 Europe and the Indian or Brazilian versions. We could therefore find a completely different body with real door handles and not those with flaps, a completely different front also with a treatment that could be identical to what Citroën is about to offer on the C3 because of the integration of the new logo.

As with the C3, it seems that the Indian or Brazilian versions will have the same appearance as the European versions, but the body will be completely different. We should therefore find a more or less similar length around 4m35 for an identical wheelbase of 2m67, which will not be without consequences since the future C3 Aircross should offer a format very close to the C4, there is internal competition in seen.

This next generation C3 Aircross should arrive on the European market in the first weeks of 2025 with a presentation during the second half of 2024, the C3 Aircross follows by a few months the new generation of the Opel Crossland which will share its underside with the current generation and even more since it seems that the bonnet is common to both models, a very Citroën bonnet by the way. Within a year and a half at the most, Citroën will have renewed its B-segment with two new models, and the C3 Aircross will finally have an electric version with greater autonomy than the C3. It remains to be seen whether Citroën will offer a 7-seater version in Europe, which would make this C3 Aircross a competitor to the Dacia Jogger.

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