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The Citroën Jumpy becomes a luxury taxi in Istanbul

The Citroën Jumpy is the new taxi of Istanbul

The Citroën Jumpy is the brand's compact van, but in its Spacetourer version it is also Citroën's 9-seater minivan, offering comfort and space to all passengers. With a maximum length of 5m30, the Citroën Jumpy has all the qualities to be used as a taxi, especially as it has been specially equipped by the brand.

Citroën is taking part in the taxi transformation project launched by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with the Jumpy, here called the Jumpy Spacetourer. This adapted version, with its large interior, technological features and quiet engine, will provide comfort for the transport needs of the people of Istanbul, while at the same time bringing the concept of the "large and luxurious family taxi" to urban life, with a body adapted for the disabled and a design suitable for TSE-approved superstructures.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality aims to solve the taxi problem and increase the number of taxis by converting minibuses into taxis after closing down dysfunctional routes and reducing the number of vehicles on the route. With this project, the concept of a "large and luxurious family taxi" is about to enter the lives of Istanbulites. With the vehicles to be converted in addition to the number of existing taxis, the aim is to solve the problem of taxis, increase their number and make them accessible to people with disabilities.

With its great length, the Citroën Jumpy Spacetourer is perfectly adapted to the needs of Istanbul taxis.

With the Jumpy Spacetourer, which, in addition to its advanced comfort and technology, features an accessible structure, Citroën offers the perfect vehicle to meet the needs of professionals and their customers. With its two sliding side doors for flexible use, the Citroën Jumpy Spacetouter brings added value to urban transport in particular by taking its place in this project, which will benefit the people of Istanbul with its powerful and quiet engine combined with an automatic gearbox, the latest technology and comfort equipment.

The Citroën Jumpy Spacetourer, with its concept of a luxurious taxi that will appeal to the people of Istanbul, proves that it is adapted to the needs of professionals, especially since the Jumpy Spacetourer adapts to all their needs, which allows it to be recognised by the TSE, thus bringing significant benefits to the taxi drivers who purchase the vehicle.

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