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The Citroën AMI plays the provocation in London

La citroen ami sp&ciale pour Londres revêtue d'un décor en chrome doré

The United Kingdom was undoubtedly the country that asked the most for the small Citroën AMI to be marketed there, and after several thousand requests, Citroën started marketing its small chip a few months ago. The brand, determined to play on the audacity of the AMI, is launching the AMI on Tour to make it known to consumers and does not hesitate to play provocative games with an AMI-defying supercar.

As part of the AmiOnTour, the Ami will visit iconic locations in seven cities across the UK, giving members of the public the opportunity to get involved, take photos and see the Ami in their own city. To celebrate each of the host cities, seven special Citroën AMIs have been created with bespoke designs by Jenni Sparks, featuring local landmarks and the unique cityscape of each city they pass through.

As part of the first phase, Citroën unveiled an AMI that was not afraid to challenge the biggest supercars on a tour of key London locations to see what would attract the most attention. The locations included Knightsbridge, New Bond Street, Mayfair and Park Lane, where the Citroën AMI proved to be more popular than any of the cars on display, delighting onlookers who couldn't resist taking a photo. It has to be said that the little Citroën, with its gold paint job, did not fail to impress and managed to find a place for itself among all the most luxurious cars present in these London venues. It's a bold and tongue-in-cheek way to get Ami talked about as "the perfect supercar for the city", and with its gold chrome upholstery, Ami turned heads wherever it went and proved extremely popular.

This first stop in London marks the start of AMI on Tour, which will run from 18 August to 4 September, and will see the brand's little chip visit and pay homage to the UK's most iconic cities, each with its own unique design. Throughout the national tour, members of the public will have the opportunity to enter a competition to win one of seven special Friends, with each winner receiving the Friend associated with their particular city. To enter, members of the public simply need to scan one of the competition QR codes located at the Friend Hub in each city between 12pm and 4.30pm.

Over the two weeks, the following cities will be visited

  • Friday 18 August - London (Ami Hub: Leicester Square)

  • Monday 21 August - Bristol (Ami Hub: Queens Square)

  • Wednesday 23rd August - Cardiff (Ami Hub: Churchill Way)

  • Friday 25 August - Manchester (Ami Hub: Piccadilly Gardens)

  • Wednesday 30th August - Liverpool (Ami Hub: Church Street)

  • Friday 1 September - Newcastle (Ami Hub: Northumberland Street)

  • Monday 4 September - Edinburgh (Ami Hub: Castle Street)

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