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The Citroën Ami launched in Switzerland

Citroën launches Ami on the Swiss market

Sold in more than 35,000 units and a real success in France and Italy (where the bar of 10,000 sales has been crossed), the Citroën Ami is expanding its territory a little more with its marketing in Switzerland where orders come to be open.

While it was only supposed to be marketed in 5 countries without really knowing what it was going to be, the success of the Citroën Ami continues to impress with strong demand which is pushing importers to market the small chip of the mark even where it was not planned as a base. From now on, it is more than a dozen countries which distribute Ami, even going beyond the borders of Europe to conquer Morocco, Turkey and even, soon perhaps, Latin America since Citroën is studying the marketing of Ami in Brazil. and in Argentina.

Ami is therefore entering Switzerland with 4 versions (Ami ami, My Ami Pop, My Ami tonic and My Ami Cargo), the My Ami versions with colored packs are therefore not offered in Switzerland. The prices are as follows:

Friend friend: 9,090 Swiss francs or €9,290

My Ami Pop: 9,990 Swiss Francs or €10,210

My Ami tonic: 10,390 Swiss Francs or €10,610

My Ami Cargo: 9,490 Swiss Francs or €9,690

These are therefore fairly high prices that Citroën charges for its Friend in Switzerland compared to the prices charged in France or Italy. Orders are already open directly on the net via the online store, available at this address:

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