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[Test Drive] Citroën C3 ELLE 110: So Chic

The Citroën C3 ELLE is a chic version of the C3

Presented some time ago, the ELLE special series marks its return to the C3 range after a first appearance in 2018. If the first version highlighted femininity, this C3 ELLE second version sets the bar on the chic side . A recipe that works because, without trumpets or drums, this special series represents 15% of C3 orders. What is this C3 ELLE worth with the 1.2 Puretech 110 engine? Verdict.

Premium presentation

There is no need to introduce the C3 here, it is quite well known, but in this ELLE version, the C3 flaunts all its talent to seduce and this makes it possible to understand its still lively success as it begins its last year on the market. Its soft lines, its white two-tone roof which contrasts well with the black Perla Nera bodywork, all enhanced by touches of matt Silver blue, a deep glacier blue with metallic reflections which brings it freshness. The exterior style is completed by a series of stickers, notably on the roof capsule or on the rear quarter panel. The C3 is thus adorned with its most beautiful assets on this ELLE series and brings to this C3 a very appreciable additional charm and brings out a welcome upscale atmosphere.

Inside, the Citroën C3 ELLE receives beige leather and alcantara

It is especially inside that this C3 ELLE stands out since, there too, Citroën has gone all out. In particular, there is a leather-like fabric on the seats, called Light Prussian Grey, which enhances the brightness of the cabin while providing an undeniable upscale atmosphere. Especially since Citroën has sparse the cabin with Alcantara elements, particularly on the dashboard strip and on the top of the seat backs, a soft-touch material that contributes to the high-end atmosphere of this C3. , even if the plastics are all hard to the touch but their assembly does not suffer criticism, the whole being very solid, qualitative and durable. The dashboard receives a touch of Silver Mat blue on the surround of the headband which enhances the passenger compartment and brings a little touch of pep. For the rest, the C3 ELLE retains its 8-inch screen, located too low and with an outdated multimedia system which betrays the age of the car, but the possibility of putting Android Auto or Apple Car Play on the screen brings a bit of modernity. , pity that this connection is still with a wire.

In short, it's good to live inside this C3 with a delicious top-of-the-range atmosphere where you can curl up with pleasure, always up for a ride at the wheel which, in this configuration, is still very much at home. made in the blow with, in particular, a very appreciable clear but warm interior. Certainly the materials are basic or the screen is too low, but this C3 is far from being outdated both in terms of equipment and habitability with, in particular, a trunk volume of 300 liters which is very practical.

The Citroën C3 ELThe rear view with a black body and white roof

Still very fun to drive

Only available with the 1.2 Puretech 110hp engine, the C3 ELLE can be combined with a manual or automatic gearbox, both with 6 speeds. It was the EAT6 box that came with the C3 on the test drive, a now old box that nevertheless shows some fine remains by being smart and smooth in the gear changes, except on the first three where it retains its tendency to increase the engine in the revs generating noise and slight jolts when changing gears, only when upshifting and never when downshifting.

This 110hp engine is powerful for a car that is all in all very light (1,090 kg) which allows this C3 ELLE to show quite appreciable performance to be driven in all circumstances on all roads without showing any difficulty. Helped by the EAT6 gearbox, handling the C3 ELLE is a real pleasure on a daily basis, especially since, as a good Citroën, it is extremely comfortable and smooth to drive, which contributes to the pleasure of driving it. Admittedly, it is not a sports car and it does not show sensational acceleration, but its softness and comfort contribute to making the slightest short trip enjoyable, that is the main thing.

Compact, the C3 is also very manoeuvrable with a short turning radius which makes parking easy, helped by the reversing camera which offers good rear visibility and makes maneuvering easier.

The only downside is fuel consumption which, while very reasonable on roads and motorways, is very gluttonous in town, even though it is the ideal playground for this C3. It's a shame since the EAT6 gearbox is appreciable, smooth and responsive but raises consumption too much in town compared to the 6-speed manual gearbox (1 to 2 liters more) which it loses its advantage as the C3 is first and foremost an urban car par excellence.

The Citroën C3 ELLE is personalized to the maximum

But the C3 can also take to the road and cover long distances which it makes pleasant thanks to its high level of comfort, to well-maintained aerodynamic noises which are only really heard from 120 km/h . Lightweight, the C3 shows perfect road holding, imperturbable in the face of the elements, ensuring total serenity at the wheel. Admittedly, with its flexible suspensions, it crushes a little on its supports in tight turns but it is not a sports car and, whatever the case, it appears riveted to the ground.

In the end, to live, this C3 is very pleasant both for the driver and for the passengers who all benefit from space and comfort. The engine, efficient without being a thunderbolt, responds in all circumstances, car loaded or not, in town and on the highway while being silent, except in the first three gears. Comfortable and pleasant to live with, the C3 makes journeys easy, even in town where, with its softness, comfort and upmarket ambience, it eliminates external hazards. Too bad its urban consumption is far too high.

In conclusion, this C3 ELLE is an extremely interesting and relevant proposition that provides access to a rather high-end car within a reasonable budget. Indeed, billed at €25,450 with this 110 EAT6 version, the C3 ELLE is accessible and allows you to have fun while having a controlled budget. It undeniably brings a more chic side to the C3 which, somewhere, recalls the 205 Roland Garros, sold for 84,000 Francs in 1989 or €22,000 today, minus the technologies. Indeed, at €25,000, the C3 is full of equipment, even if it lacks some technologies given its age but, at this price, we can well forgive it. This is why it is very interesting, because with the addition of leather-effect fabric, Alcantara, top-notch customization, the C3 ELLE offers a much more upscale impression while remaining basic in particular. in terms of materials but that is nothing since the interior is well put together, exudes quality and durability.

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