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Stellantis launches no-obligation hire for its events with Spoticar

poster of the Free and Flex offer from Spoticar, used car rental without obligation

It is undeniable that car prices, both new and used, have risen sharply in recent years. Although the situation is tending to improve, cars are still too expensive in an inflationary context that creates expectations among consumers. In order to facilitate the purchase of cars, Stellantis, with Spoticar, is creating a no-obligation rental of used cars, a way of making the latest vehicles accessible to more people.

From 4 December 2023, Spoticar will therefore be offering a subscription for used cars. This is based on the flexible long-term rental "Flex and Free", an innovative product in line with market trends and social developments. It allows you to change your used car as you wish from 6 months onwards.

With "Flex and Free", the customer rents a vehicle for 48 months for 10,000 to 20,000 km per year, with or without a deposit. The customer pays fixed monthly instalments and can return the vehicle (from the 6th month) without penalty, choose a new vehicle or keep it for the initial term. With this new subscription concept, Spoticar allows the consumer to see cars evolve according to the evolution of their needs, without being locked into a credit or L.O.A. logic, which can sometimes be restrictive.

Pour Serge Habrant, directeur de Spoticar France, "Premier réseau de véhicule d’occasion en France, Spoticar doit sans cesse innover dans un monde qui bouge. Nous devons fournir plus de souplesse et de flexibilité à nos clients, en inventant des services qui leur correspondent."

The automotive industry is at the centre of many changes, whether technological, with the transition to electric motors, or behavioural, with buyers preferring to lease rather than own and wanting as much flexibility as possible. With this subscription rental solution, Spoticar responds to these needs by offering consumers simplified formulas, even for used cars.

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