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Stellantis launches its new STLA Medium electric platform

Stellantis presents its new STLA Medium platform for the group's 100% electric cars

In July 2021, Stellantis presented its first EV days, with the aim of demonstrating its commitment to the energy transition and announcing the creation of 4 new platforms intended for all the Group's models. Today, Stellantis is presenting the first of these 4 future platforms, which will be aimed at C and D segment vehicles around the world.

Like the two previous PSA Fire platforms, CMP and EMP2, this new STLA Medium platform is therefore highly modular and will allow the Group's brands to offer sedans as well as crossovers and SUVs with 100% electric engines that will finally offer a decent autonomy that will make it possible to consider long journeys more calmly, especially as the Group affirms that this new platform is at the highest level of service.

Flexible, the STLA Medium platform has been designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles and powertrain configurations from the C and D segments, which represent the core of the market, i.e. 35 million vehicles sold in 2022. The importance of this platform: the Stellantis brands currently offer 26 models in these segments, on different platforms. By standardising its models on a single platform, up to two million vehicles per year can be assembled on STLA Medium in several production sites around the world, starting with Europe.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, said: "What we see today is the result of almost two years of uncompromising innovation to deliver safe, clean and affordable mobility, supported by our €30 billion investment in electrification and software by the end of 2025.

The STLA Medium platform demonstrates the power of the Stellantis global technical community to deliver customer-centric products and write the future of mobility, while aiming for carbon neutrality by 2038."

Stellantis unveils its new STLA Medium platform for the group's C and D segment vehicles

Electric and adaptive

Designed for electric vehicles, the new STLA Medium platform will offer two levels of batteries that will enable vehicles based on this platform to achieve ranges between 500 km for the Standard pack and up to 700 km for the Performance pack, including a battery capacity of 98 kWh, making this STLA Medium platform the best in its category in terms of on-board energy.

Based on a 400-volt architecture, STLA Medium will offer unparalleled energy efficiency and charging time, as well as a complete charging and service ecosystem. Depending on usage, consumption can be less than 14 kWh per 100 km, the best energy efficiency in its category. Owners can charge their battery from 20 to 80 per cent in 27 minutes, or 2.4 kWh per minute.

Vehicles based on the STLA Medium platform will be sold worldwide and will be available in front-wheel drive or, with the addition of a second electric drive module at the rear, in all-wheel drive with a BEV power range of 160 to 285 kW or 220 to 390 hp.

Stellantis presents its new STLA Medium platform for the production of sedans, crossovers or SUVs

Flexible and modular, the STLA Medium will allow the production of a large number of different models, offering

  • A wheelbase between 270 and 290 centimetres;

  • An overall length of between 4.3 and 4.9 metres;

  • Ground clearance of more than 220 mm to ensure crossing ability and off-road capability;

Wheels up to 750 mm in diameter, a key feature in the design of the platform.

Designed to be future-proof, the STLA (Small/Medium/Large/Frame) platform family is modular and inherently flexible in terms of wheelbase, width, overhang, seat height and suspension design. The capabilities and performance of vehicles based on the STLA platforms will be adapted and enhanced over the years with the implementation of the STLA Brain architecture and the STLA SmartCockpit and STLA AutoDrive platforms, enabling over-the-air updates of improved software and hardware.

The inherent flexibility of the design includes powertrains - front, rear, all-wheel and multi-energy - covered by a family of three upgradable electric drive modules.

The platforms have been designed to anticipate the evolution of future battery chemistries, in particular nickel- and cobalt-free and solid-state.

All this will allow Stellantis brands to tailor the vehicle's capabilities to achieve an ideal cost/performance ratio.

Of course, this platform, presented here in its electric version, will also allow vehicles based on it to offer hybrid combustion engines for a few more years before the switch to all-electric in Europe, while combustion engines will still be in the majority in other regions of the world.

In conclusion, this new STLA medium platform will be inaugurated by the next Peugeot 3008, but it obviously concerns future Citroëns, starting with the next C5 Aircross, which will be built on this platform and whose presentation already allows us to know a little more about it. on what this future C5 Aircross will offer in its electric versions, namely a minimum power of 220 hp for a minimum autonomy of 500 km.

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