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Stellantis: already 20,000 orders for electric social leasing in France

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On 14 December, the government announced the terms of social leasing, making electric cars more accessible to those who qualify. Stellantis was one of the main protagonists, with several models on offer, including the new Citroën C3, available from €54 per month.

Since 14 December, a total of around one hundred thousand potential customers have contacted the Stellantis Group brands to find out about electric leasing offers and to be contacted again.

As proof of the relevance of these offers to the expectations of the majority of French people, tens of thousands of customers once again visited the sales outlets during the open days in January to order one of the nine vehicles offered by Citroën, Fiat, Jeep, Opel and Peugeot. From day one, the entire network was mobilised to support customers in their transition to electric vehicles.

In mid-January, this mobilisation resulted in an extremely positive assessment, with 20,000 validated financing requests, or more than 80% of the volume planned to date. Stellantis is thus confirming its commitment to deliver 20,000 cars within the framework of the government scheme that it has always supported, with the first deliveries starting this month of January.

With the support of Stellantis Finance & Services, Stellantis is working with the government to offer attractive models at affordable prices. These are nine electric models from the Citroën, Fiat, Jeep, Opel and Peugeot brands, all produced in Europe, which since 1 January have been eligible for the 2024 social leasing scheme set up by the government to enable households to drive electric cars more modestly. A tenth Fiat vehicle will also be available later this year.


For Christophe MUSY, Director of Stellantis France: "I am very proud of the collaboration with the Stellantis brand networks, which have mobilised very strongly to welcome customers who are eager to enter the world of electric mobility. This is proof that our offers, from city limousines to family cars, fully meet the expectations of the majority of French people and provide a daily mobility solution that is carbon-free, safe and affordable. "

Launched at the end of the year, the government's social leasing scheme quickly won over the public and could soon come to an end, with 20 to 25,000 units planned for the whole year. With 20,000 orders in just over a month, Stellantis is well ahead of the competition, which should help it to increase its market share in the coming months, especially in January when the first deliveries will be made. It remains to be seen how the situation will develop once the 25,000 order mark has been passed...

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