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Slightly larger discounts for Citroën in December

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The shortage of components that the automobile industry has been experiencing for several months now has prevented manufacturers from producing enough, which leads long delivery times since manufacturers, and among them Citroën, are unable to meet demand, which is why brands little support for their models.

However, recent improvements on the component shortage front, without returning to normal pre-Covid levels, have seen the markets recover even if they are still disrupted, especially since logistical concerns have arisen, especially for the Stellantis brands. The recent improvement therefore allows brands to be more generous and Citroën is participating in it with offers of greater discounts in December in France.

Thus, the brand offers the following discounts on its range:

  • C3: Discount offer + €1000

  • C3 Aircross: Discount + €1,500 (compared to €1,000 in November)

  • C4: Discount + €1,500 (compared to €1,000 in November)

  • ëC4: Discount + €1,000 (compared to €0 in November + free Wallbox)

  • C4 X: Discount + €1,000 (down from November)

  • C5 Aircross: Discount + €1,500 (compared to €1,000 in November)

Citroën is therefore more generous, especially on the C3 Aircross, C4 and C5 Aircross where the discount offers are greater, while they are much greater on the ëC4.

On the side of the offers in LOA (Rental with Option to Purchase), Citroën makes a gesture on the C5 X whose rent drops to 369€ per month against 379€ previously, a sign of a higher residual value which makes it possible to lower the rents. However, in accordance with the strong increases experienced by electrified models on December 1, LOA offers are increasing in particular on ëC4 (€329 per month compared to €309 in November), C5 Aircross (€499 per month compared to €449 in November) and C5 X (€469 per month compared to €419 in November).

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