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November 2023 Review - CHINA Car Market

In November, the Chinese car market saw an increase of 25.3% to 2,604,000 units for the so-called wholesale market, i.e. cars manufactured in China but which can be sold outside China, so these are not actual sales on the Chinese market alone. It is worth noting that for the first time, electric cars reached the million-unit mark, an increase of 20% compared to November 2022 and a market share of 34.5%.

In this context, sales of

  • Citroën, up 29.11% to 2,213 units

  • DS down 14.63% to 35 units

  • PEUGEOT up 1.18% to 5,048 units

In total, Stellantis sales in China are therefore 7,296 units, up 8.18%. It should be noted that Leapmotor, in which Stellantis has a 20% stake and which manufactures in China the models that the group will export mainly to Europe, saw its sales rise by 130% to 18,508 units, putting it in 26th place in terms of sales, just behind Hyundai.

Here are the detailed sales by brand:


DS :


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