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New Citroën C4 2024 the time for restyling is approaching

The new Citroën C4 2024 restyled three-quarter front view
Illustration Laurent Reynes - Passionnément Citroën

It has been three years since the third generation of the Citroën C4 conquered the European market, brilliantly combining the codes of saloon and SUV for a resolutely modern look. Despite difficulties in France, the C4 has been a great success in Europe, even surpassing the performance of its predecessor in a declining segment. As it approaches mid-life, the Citroën C4 is about to benefit from a major update that should give it new dynamism on the market.

A transformed front

Since its launch in June 2020, the Citroën C4 has undergone various aesthetic developments, such as the introduction of the black two-tone roof in 2023, as well as technological advances with the introduction of a new multimedia system. Its electric range has also been improved with a new engine and a battery that extends its range to 420 km, strengthening its position in an ever-changing market. Despite these regular developments, the Citroën C4, now three years old, is preparing for a major restyling in line with the new style inaugurated by the new C3.

This metamorphosis would focus mainly on the front, which would undergo a rather major evolution, as the headlights and bumper would be completely new, as would the bonnet, which would be slightly revised to remove the notch of the old logo and adopt the oval of the new one. A massive restyling that will modify the front of the C4 by removing those spherical optics that, it seems, are the main complaint to make it adopt reduced headlights and in one block compared to two previously. These new headlights should also be very cautious in their interior design as the black grille with chevron stripes should extend there to give the C4 2024 a more technological look. Of course, the new logo would be in the middle of the grille, which should take up the chevrons of the current C3 and Berlingo, even if a new pattern could appear.

The headlights and grille have therefore been revised, but the C4 should also adopt a brand new, much more elaborate shield which aims to visually widen the brand's compact saloon, which can appear too narrow due to its greater height, even though it is not. The new badge will therefore seek to visually stretch the car, in particular with fog lights placed at the ends of the bumper and linked by a chrome bar on which the herringbone grille will be placed, identical to that of the new C3. Extending and reinforcing its personality will be the key words for this new badge, as a wide band will run across its surface, a band on which the number plate will be placed and which will be framed by a widened and enlarged radiator grille which will house part of the brand's new logo.

The restyling of the C4 has therefore given it a different appearance, with a more assertive personality, a more technological look and a style that visually widens the car and reinforces the feeling of safety it exudes. Big changes, then, for this restyling, which is not an easy task as it is not easy to apply a new style to a design designed for another. However, Citroën has succeeded in creating a new style that changes the C4's appearance and removes a part that was the focus of most criticism: the headlights, which were too spherical and too important.

The rest of the changes would be much smaller, since the rear would only have the new logo on the black strip and the lights, which could be redesigned inside, but the information is not precise enough at the moment. Finally, the other question concerns the interior of the C4, where several criticisms have been made, starting with the instrument cluster, which is considered too small. With a size of 5 inches, it has somewhere inspired the current trend of cars, especially electric cars, to offer a small instrumentation screen combined with a head-up vision as Volkswagen and Smart have done the same sort for their ID5 or #3. However, the C4 handset could undergo changes in its design or graphics, without being completely abandoned and replaced by a blade like the new C3. The interior of the C4 is also considered to be a little gloomy due to its all-black ambience. Could Citroën liven things up by adding a few colours? The brand would do well to do so without going overboard, as compact saloon customers are not looking for extravagance, but the adoption of lighter colours, like the atmosphere of the ë-series version, would be welcome.

The new restyled Citroën C4 2024 seen from behind
Illustration Laurent Reynes - Passionnément Citroën

A revised engine range

In addition to the major aesthetic changes, Citroën should take advantage of the restyling to introduce the new 48-volt Puretech hybrid engines for the C4, in both 136-hp and 100-hp versions. These new engines, which worked wonders on the C5 Aircross, should be perfect for the C4, which is extremely efficient thanks to its meticulous aerodynamics, guaranteeing reduced consumption.

Diesel engines will continue to be available for certain customers, even if this type of engine is no longer as important as it used to be.

Finally, the C4 should see no changes to its electric motor, although it should be noted that it received the new 156 hp Stellantis engine at the beginning of the year and increased its autonomy to 420 km, which is in line with customer expectations. However, like the new Berlingo, could the C4 2024 swap its 54 kWh battery for an LFP battery of the same capacity, making it more accessible and costing around €30,000 in France, excluding the bonus, making it one of the cheapest electric compact sedans? Answer in the coming months.

At a time when the first prototypes are about to go on sale, the Citroën C4 is undergoing a restyling that is primarily aesthetic, with the aim of bringing it into line with the brand's new style and reinforcing its personality with a more technological and refined style, especially on the front, where the main changes are concentrated. However, the restyling will also coincide with new mechanical features, including the new slightly hybridised Puretech engines, which should work wonders on this efficient C4, which will be presented and marketed in the first half of the year.

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