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New Citroën C3: voted Car of the Year in the UK

The new Citroën C3 seen from the front

Although it was only unveiled in October and will be launched in the coming weeks, the new Citroën C3 has just been awarded the title of Car of the Year 2024 in the United Kingdom, with nice compliments that show how much this new C3 is a real asset for Citroën.

It was the Company Car & Van website that presented this award to the new C3 as part of its annual Company Car & Van Awards. These awards are divided into two categories, cars and vans, each with a thermal and an electric winner to reflect the entire small business fleet industry.

The award won by the new C3 is actually a first, as the small Citroën has not yet been driven and it is therefore impossible to know how it will behave on the road, although everything suggests that its comfort will be at the highest level, thanks to the Advanced Comfort suspension and seats. If the C3 wins this award, it will be because it changes the rules of the game and will enable the mass adoption of electric cars thanks to its affordable price, which no brand in Europe is currently offering for such services. The Company Car & Van judges said: "For the first time, we have chosen a car that we have not yet driven as our Car of the Year. How is this possible? Quite simply. It costs a little less than £23,000, has an electric range of 200 miles and comes with a 100kW charger. If we want to get more people into an electric car, the Citroën ë-C3 is the most compelling argument yet. Our car of the year.

Two and a half months after its presentation, and although its commercial career has not yet begun, the new Citroën ë-C3 has won its second prize, after the Ecobest 2024 award it received last December. This clearly shows how relevant this new C3 is, but also how convincing it is when we see it in real life where, despite its affordable price, it is by no means a low-cost car, quite the opposite. The advantages of this new C3 are very real and it makes a strong impression on all the journalists who see it before even driving it, but there is no doubt that Citroën has taken care of the driving part, which should allow the new C3 to be a real breakthrough on the market, as only Citroën can do.

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