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Citroën: THE brand for families

The new Citroën C3 Aircross, a family SUV

Citroën, since its beginnings, has embodied accessibility and user-friendliness, offering vehicles designed to meet the needs of the whole family rather than focusing solely on the driver's pleasure. On this International Family Day, it seemed important to me to highlight the extent to which current Citroëns truly embody the idea of the ultimate family car.

In recent years, Citroën has placed comfort at the heart of its priorities, aiming to create a driving experience where wellbeing goes beyond the simple aspect of seats and suspension. From the new C3 to the Spacetourer, each model in the range shares a common philosophy: to offer a comfortable cocoon that isolates external noise and promotes a calm environment for all occupants.

This vision is translated into five distinct points:

1. Spaciousness:

Each Citroën model is distinguished by its spacious interior, which offers each passenger optimal comfort when travelling. From sliding rear seats to individual seats such as those in the C5 Aircross, Citroën ensures that everyone on board benefits from generous space. The C4, for example, offers one of the best interiors in its category, ensuring unparalleled comfort for all passengers.

Instrument cluster on the new Citroën C3

2. Reducing mental stress:

Aware of the daily challenges and stress that driving can cause, Citroën simplifies life on board by focusing on the essential information for the driver. Whether through a minimalist screen like that of the C4 or a practical handset positioned in the driver's field of vision on the new C3, the brand ensures that driving remains intuitive and enjoyable by focusing on the most essential information.

3. Ease of use:

Citroën is committed to making its vehicles as easy to use as possible, favouring intuitive physical controls. This approach, launched in 2020 with the air conditioning buttons on the C4, aims to simplify functionality and promote a smooth and stress-free driving experience. The brand is committed to making its cars easy to use, with technologies that prioritise the useful over the useless, helping to make each model in the range a protective bubble.

4. Optimised suspension:

Recognised for its legendary comfort, Citroën continues to innovate with its double-action hydraulic suspensions, which offer a smooth and pleasant ride. Present on new models such as the C3 and C3 Aircross, these suspensions ensure unrivalled driving comfort, while the plug-in hybrid versions of the C5X benefit from controlled suspensions that offer comfort worthy of the highest segments.

Seats in the new Citroën Berlingo 2024

5. Enveloping seats:

The seats of the current models are designed to combine softness and support to provide optimum comfort over time. Since the new C3, Citroën has redesigned its seats to provide a soft welcome and effective lateral support. The symbol of French comfort, these seats allow each passenger to enjoy every moment of the journey.

Citroën truly embodies the idea of the car to live in, with comfort, habitability and practicality at the heart of each model. This is why the brand can undoubtedly be called the "family brand", because it takes care of each passenger and offers an incomparable driving experience for everyone.


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