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New Citroën C3: thermal versions also available?

The new Citroën C3 in a red shade

Launched last October, the new Citroën C3 was the first 100% electric version to be unveiled, fulfilling the brand's promise to make electric cars accessible to all. Priced from €23,300 excluding state aid, the new ë-C3 is indeed one of the most accessible electric cars, with no restrictions on equipment or autonomy. What about the thermal versions? Reaction elements.

If the new C3 was presented in an electric version, it will also be marketed in a thermal version, thus creating a double offer in the segment of versatile saloons to meet the needs of all consumers, especially at the end of the year.

From June, when the C3 goes on sale, Citroën will offer a 100 bhp Puretech engine mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox, in addition to the 100% electric version. And unlike its electric sister, the new C3 thermal will be offered in three trim levels, You, Plus and Max, giving customers a little more choice with an intermediate Plus version, which promises to be the finish that best suits the C3.

Towards competitive prices?

The new Citroën ë-C3 therefore confirms the brand's desire to make the electric car accessible, but the thermal versions of the C3 will benefit from the brand's progress on these battery versions to offer prices that should also be particularly competitive and allow the C3 to be one of the most accessible multi-purpose thermal sedans.

Currently, the Citroën C3 You is sold from €16,590 with the 83 hp Puretech engine and 5-speed manual gearbox and already represents one of the most competitive offers, particularly in L.O.A where it is offered from €89 per month. It would be natural for Citroën to offer the new C3 thermal at around the prices of the current one, in so far as it will be offered with a more powerful engine and 6 gears instead of 5, especially as the equipment should be more comprehensive on the new than on the old. But Citroën could strike a bigger blow by announcing particularly competitive prices for the new C3, which could start at around €15,500, i.e. €1,000 less than the current generation and a significant difference from the electric version. .

If this next thermal C3 You would therefore be offered at an aggressive price around €15,500, Citroën would not be left out with the other two trim levels since the Plus trim, intermediate, could be offered around €17,000 while the high-end Max trim would be sold at around €19,000, making the new C3 Max almost €5,000 cheaper than the current generation with superior equipment, Citroën would therefore be making a big effort to make the car accessible what has always been in its DNA.

The marketing of the new C3 is approaching, as it will make its debut in dealerships next June. If the electric versions are already on sale with great success, with 9,000 orders already received, the thermal versions will go on sale in the next few days with the official announcement of prices which, if my estimates are confirmed, should make the C3 one of the most accessible and versatile saloons and allow it to continue the incredible success of the third generation.

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