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New Citroën Basalt (2024): it continues its tests

Front view of the Citroën Basalt

The Citroën Basalt, presented as a show car faithful to the production version, is the first herringbone SUV coupé and will be launched in India and Latin America in the second half of the year. Until then, the Basalt will continue its development tests with a greatly reduced camouflage.

In a few months' time, Citroën will unveil the production version of its first SUV coupé, unveiled as a concept a few days ago. This new Basalt will enrich the brand's range in the countries where it intends to develop its presence in order to ensure global growth in its sales, particularly in India and Latin America. This new Citroën Basalt should also represent a certain change of direction for the brand at the level of this range of vehicles developed under the C-Cubed programme, and could therefore bring better standard equipment and some developments that will subsequently be integrated into the new C3 and C3 Aircross in these markets.

The Citroën Basalt during development tests in Brazil

These development tests allow us to see the Basalt freed from the imposing camouflage that hid its rear, but simply covered with a thin layer that prevents its lines from being clearly visible. In any case, these photos allow us to get a more precise idea of the volume since the brand has not communicated on the dimensions of its SUV coupe which we can however estimate very close to the latest C3 Aircross therefore to the around 4m30 which makes it a perfect rival to the Volkswagen Nivus or Fiat Pulse in particular.

After these first photos, Citroën should officially present the production Basalt before the summer for marketing in India and Latin America during the second half of the year. We will then be able to find out all about this new SUV-coupé, which will complete the first part of the C-Cubed programme and give us some clues as to how the brand intends to develop the C3 and C3 Aircross, which are considered too simple in these countries where, despite their low price, consumers do not want to have under-equipped cars. Between now and the official unveiling of the Citroën Basalt, we can be sure that we will be surprised again, perhaps with a photo of the interior, which will be able to accommodate a larger screen.

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